5:00 AM – wake up, get ready, breakfast #1

still need bike lights!!

5:45 AM – bike ride to work with J – 36K/22.4mi

7:15 AM – arrive at work, drop of bike/gear, head out for brick run

I felt sooo good on this run – by far my best run off the bike. 5K in under 25 minutes feeling strong.

7:45 AM – clean up the sweat and make myself presentable for work

attempting to discreetly air dry my gear in the stair well

8:00 AM – eat, work, eat, work, eat, work, etc.

I enjoy peaking at my bike all day

5:00 PM – ride from work to meet hubs at the lake

5:45 PM – arrived at the lake and suited up for a swim

6:00 PM – great 1000m open water swim in ~20 mins.

forgot to get the camera out again – this is a recycled photo

6:30 PM – neeeeeeeeeeed fooooooooooooood


32 thoughts on “Today

  1. So how much food exactly? I know you did a food post before but I am curious as to how much it has been ramped up.I survived 50min spin and 35 min of core and am having trouble keeping my eyes open…

  2. Holy crap, that bike picture shows some muscular legs! I'm jealous! (I'm one of those people that doesn't strive for skinny legs, but muscles instead!)And get yourself a light already, it makes you safer and more visible.

  3. Your bike commute makes me wish I didn't work from home…I guess I could just get up early and go for a ride. (And that being said, I would NOT enjoy bike commuting here in Montreal. Cyclists seem to be getting hit and killed by cars weekly…)

  4. You are a superhero but I think the work pic has to come down before your boss sees it b/c I don't think Twitter can actually be considered work….ha ha ha!!!!!

  5. I think you should wear some granny panties under your diaper bike shorts and hang those to air dry. Like a big flag.If I was your coworker I would hang a sign on all that warning of hazardous/toxic waste. 😉 I'd also never hang my raincoat/anything there…

  6. i am totally loving bachelor pad and big brother as well. im even in a BB pool – on my team, i have jeff, porche and luwon (who made one of the biggest mistakes in BB history)

  7. Ha girl you are on fire! You seem totally fine with these open water swims – like you've skipped the huge obstacle that most Tri newbies are most afraid of (not that I would know..haha, but I WOULD be terrified of it)!

  8. This is crazy impressive. And the best part? You are having FUN! I love it! I also love the attempt to discreetly air dry your gear. I try to do that at work sometimes with sort of mediocre success.

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