"My legs keep no pace with my desire"

That’s this year’s slogan for A Midsummer Night’s Run  – 15 and 30K races taking place on the Toronto waterfront.

This will be my third year running the 30K, so I get this nifty commemorative 90K pin:

2009 was disappointing when I was under-trained and over-ambitious. Last year I redeemed myself.



I’m not too sure what to expect this year, but I don’t have any aggressive goals given the forecast of 30C/86F (plus humidity) when the race starts. Ideally I’d like to run conservatively to pick it up (maybe to MRP?) for the second half, but we’ll see how I feel in the conditions.

What I do know is that my costume is ready to go (it’s practically required at this fairy-themed race) and I’m looking to have a great time with tons of running friends.
Hoping to run into Kenny, Lish, Laura and Aneta. Anyone else going to be there? 

26 thoughts on “"My legs keep no pace with my desire"

  1. What in the word is an MRP?What is the costume? Despicable Marlene? But I would think running in the wetsuit would be very hard to do and the goggles might fog up….but it would win for best costume EVER!!!!

  2. Have fun at the race, can't wait to see your costume. I admire you for being able to run at 30C. This Spring when I was supposed to do my first half marathon I had a DNF because of the heat and humidity (27C). I suck at running in hot temperatures, I can't even handle it very well when I ain't working out. My body just doesn't like heat.

  3. I won't be 'fairy-ed' up…I was too busy this week to even think about it but will keep my eyes open for blogger spotting.Have a great race and let's pray for some cooler temps….

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