August 2011

Total Run Mileage: 369.7 KM (229.7 mi)

Highest Weekly Run Mileage: 89.6 KM (55.7 mi)

# Runs: 32

# [Run] Doubles/Triples: 7

Cycling Mileage: 401 KM (249.2 mi)

# Swims (Distance): 13 (18880m)

Races: Bracebridge Duathlon, A Midsummer Night’s Run, Toronto Island Give-it-a-Tri

Favourite Run: I ran 8 x 1000 on Tuesday of this week and felt fantastic start to finish. Started at tempo pace and worked my way down to 5K race pace. It was a dark 5am run with 5 other ladies and it was so quiet and peaceful – even as we gabbed away on the recoveries.

Most Hardcore Run: A speedy 5K (24:42) brick run after a 22 mile ride to work in Week 11

Book of the Month: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein – not about running, but about racing cars and told from a dog’s perspective. Very sweet and touching story.

Song of the Month: Someone Like You by Adele – for singing-along-in-the-car purposes only. Good thing nobody can hear me.

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Bachelor Pad! who doesn’t love some Monday night trashy reality

Obsession of the Month: 70.3 races and training plans for next year. there, I said it.
Indulgence of the Month: Yogurtys

Drink of the Month: chocolate milk – I’ve been craving and enjoying it after workouts like whoa

Current Wish-List: a Kinetic bike trainer and a new bike

Current Need: running shoes! I’m waiting on a new model to be available at my local store and the old model is not available in my size anywhere!

Triumph of the Month: earning myself the “triathlete” title – top spot on the podium was nice too. 🙂

Current Bane of my Existence: Morgan’s injury – and not because I’m tired of hearing about it but because this girl deserves to be healed dammit.

Current Blessings: The ability and opportunity to do what I love.

Current Excitement: joining a masters swim team! starting coached practices later this month. so pumped!!

Current Goal: not wiping out on the beach at my first sprint tri next weekend. It was good for a laugh, but I don’t really want to make a habit of it.

What was your most hardcore run? Shame-inducing guilty pleasure? Song of the month?
Give me one in the comments!

35 thoughts on “August 2011

  1. I LOVED The Art of Racing in the Rain, totally cried at the end. What an awesome month you had! And was it last August that you were still posting "never gonna do a tri"??? 🙂

  2. You are amazing girl, just 20 over as many miles on the bike as you did on the run?!?!? Rockstar. How you managed all this can only mean you really are ready for 70.3. Get it girl!And thanks for sending a shout out to the galaxy about my injury, I hope it helps me plead my case for a repreive. ❤

  3. Beyond all these numbers (and they are AH-ma-ZING!!) I am just struck with how your body is really changing with this amazing level of fitness you have (EARNED) reached. Congrats!You set the example of what I know I need to do to see some really physcial changes…now to just make it happen.

  4. Check online for your shoes… Once I know what I wear, I shop online and find the shoes much cheaper. Just bought my most recent pair for $85 all in vs retail $140+tax in store. Love the 70.3 comment…awesome!

  5. Most hardcore run? That would be last weeks 2x (2mi at HMP, 1 mi at tempo). It was awesome to finish it! Song of the month – I am loving Sweet Disposition by The Temper trap. So good!

  6. You are taking the tri world by storm. Seriously, you're still riding a hybrid, and haven't had actual swim coaching, and you're podiuming. I can't wait to see where you go in the next couple years.

  7. Yes to the hellz yes on all of this but especially the 70.3s….now I have to race at OOB and convince you to do the same even if Peterborough is there….Quite a month. Your numbers are excellent and well balanced.

  8. I want to be like you when I grow up! Pure AWESOMENESS. Love the podium pic! Why is it that I can only think of my indulgences – beer and oreos! GASP! (not at the same time)Winks & Smiles,Wifey

  9. Sweet August numbers, always love that you do this and wow o wow those are some high mileage numbers! Finger's crossed someone is listening to get your that trainer (and new bike ;)).

  10. Geeze, August was eventful for you! That post-22-mile ride pic? Hello calf muscles! I'm wondering what you've got up your sleeve for September… 😉 On another note, ANYTHING by Adele makes me want to sing along. Or at least makes me want to think I sound even remotely like her, ha.

  11. Toughest run: running to catch a train in a crowded rush hour train station…it included running down some stairs and trying not to knock over old people. ;)Song of the month: Taylor Swifts new album Speechless (causes impromptu dance parties when I'm home alone.)

  12. What a fantastic month! You are such an inspiration to me. I'm with Lily, I definitely see an Ironman in your future. My favorite song this month is Jonathan Jeremiah, Heart of Stone and a Dutch song. Most hardcore run: all my runs this month 🙂 except for one that went easy.

  13. I am catching up on things…the picture of you and hubby in your wet suites is just too sweet. Face planting and being able to laugh about it show that you are ground and loving it all.You do realize that once you get a road or tri bike you will be tearing it up out there (more than you already are)!!! hubby and I started saving for our races next year already. Have a feeling that things are going to be TIGHT but who cares when you are doing what you love.

  14. DANG WOMAN! Those are some SICK stats!! Like WHOA!!The Kenetic trainer is a must! And fast! Before cold weather sets in! I had my choices narrowed down to that exact one and CycleOps. We went with the cycleOps simply because of their customer service surveys and their policy to stand behind their trainer. But I think the Kenetic is a great trainer!!!I'm loving Adele's whole album! I wish I could sing along and sound like her!

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