Wednesday Wheels

When I bought my bike back in June, I intended to use it for recreational/cross-training purposes. I had no idea that a few short weeks later, I would discover a new-found urge to see what this triathlon business was all about. I certainly never thought I would complete a sprint duathlon, a “give-it-a-tri” triathlon and a sprint triathlon [coming up this weekend!] this summer.

As it turns out, I like it even more than I thought I would! (I know, a lot of you are thinking: Told ya so!)

Now that I find myself planning a 70.3 event or two for next year and potentially something bigger down the road (again, many of you are thinking: Told ya so!) I definitely need to upgrade my ride.

I can definitely hustle on my hybrid, but I’m excited to see what I can do on a bike that’s made to go fast and far.
So, I am officially in the market for a tri bike and overwhelmed (but excited!) by the decisions that lay ahead. Let’s go shopping!
Okay, I may have already been shopping for a few accessories…

Time to have some fun!


33 thoughts on “Wednesday Wheels

  1. If you can- I'd suggest hanging on o your hybrid so that you can go for fun rides. I kind of wish I had a "cruiser" to go along with my road bike.Enjoy the shopping! (and may be thinking about a 70.3 as well…hmmm)

  2. If you can hold out, there is a bicycle show in mid-October ( where you can generally get some really good deals. Pretty much every significant bike shop in the GTA will be there, and they are trying to dump their inventory before the winter so the discounts can be significant. Only downside is that the good deals go very quickly, so you really want to be there when they open on the first day.Also, with a Tri bike I'd strongly suggest shopping around and don't rely on any one store. Fit can vary widely between different makes, and many stores will only carry one line of Tri bikes. Test ride a few different makes if you can (any decent store will allow you to if they've got one built up in your size). If you can, make sure that you visit Endurosport (Leaside) and Wheels of Bloor (High Park) as they are generally more Triathlon focused than other shops in the GTA (and hence carry a wider range of models).FYI if you do want to get something before the end of the season, IIRC Wheels had a great deal on a Cervelo P1 for $1500 last time I was down there.

  3. OMG IF you do an ironman I so want to come and spectate and cheer you on! I have no idea about bikes so I am no help there but sounds like fun!

  4. πŸ™‚ So exciting! I agree with trying to hang on to your hybrid. I still use my hybrid quite a bit because I have the baby seat on it. Also, when my mom or someone visits it is nice to have an extra bike so we can go out on rides together. Happy shopping!

  5. AHHHH!! I am SOO in for 2013! Maybe I can talk Brian into doing it too! He has always wanted to do a Ironman. Then Ill have two people to cheer for! oh my gosh I am so excited!

  6. Not you have any questions, you can certainly ask my hubs. He is Capt Reseach on bikes-as-he-has-bought-3-of-them-and-knows-more-about-them-than-his-own-wife-and-has-a-bike-other-drool-over. (apparently)

  7. very exciting that you are in the market for a new bike. at one point i thought i was going to buy a tri bike, but when i thought about how i wanted to use it (i like to do charity rides, and those tri bikes are discouraged in groups) and spent time with someone getting a bike fit, i realized that a carbon road bike better suited my needs. i love it! one of my friends ended up with a very expensive titanium road bike (similar reasons) and she jsut came back from olympic nationals. my only point being, keep your options open as you shop. πŸ™‚

  8. Woo hoo was waiting for that announcement. Happy bike shopping. I think you'll have a big cheering squad at your first ironman (cuz I'm sure that's right behind the 70.3)….

  9. Ha, I had a feeling you'd want the roadie bike soon! πŸ˜‰ You'll be amazed by the difference(s) once you test ride a few (test ride a LOT of them, there are so many options out there!). It's a fun, but slightly overwhelming process. Hope you find the "right" one soon!

  10. Awesome! I'm not surprised at all that you're looking, and this time of year is a good time to get some deals…It was just a matter of time. You're FAST on your hybrid, so you'll be even faster on the tri bike.I second the person that said you should still keep the hybrid, but you probably already know that. After all, the ideal number of bikes to own is 1 more then you currently own…

  11. Wow! You are going from a hybrid to a tri bike. You deserve it though. YOu have put in the time and shown what you can do on that bike. I cannot imagine you on a tri. I also (who just got my bike) plan to get a new one but I am going to a road bike. I put so many miles in and made riding such a major part of my summer that I want to be able to go even farther and faster next summer.

  12. You'll be super wicked fast on a tri bike – you will be amazed! Can't wait to see what you get! So glad you are loving the tris, a nice break in the marathon training routine!

  13. Why am I not surprised that you wouldn't be content to just dabble your toes in the triathlon pool. You're the 'jump in and get soaking wet' sort of girl. Good luck with choosing your bike. My only advice is choose a fast colour.

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