6 Years and a Tri to Celebrate

Tomorrow hubs and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary… and what better way than with a race? The Wasaga Tri will be our first Sprint. The goal? Get wet, don’t fall, have fun and celebrate the fact that we get to do this together!
Let’s do it!
Vows we shared on September 10, 2005 and live each day…
I Marlene choose you Mark to be my husband.

I promise to love you, honour you,
Comfort you and encourage you,

In all circumstances.
I will be your ally in conflict,
Your comrade in adventure,
Your consolation in disappointment,
Your biggest fan and toughest competition,

Your accomplice in mischief,
Your strength in need,
Your understanding in confusion,
Your partner in parenthood,
Your student and teacher,
Your best friend and truest love.
I give you my hand to hold,
My heart to keep
And my life to share.
I still do. 


42 thoughts on “6 Years and a Tri to Celebrate

  1. This is awesome and besides the wedding pic this is the best part:Your biggest fan and toughest competitionA spouse's job is to make their loved one better and you both seem to be doing that.Congratulations.

  2. Hey Marlene, I'm a newish reader and am trying to qualify for Boston myself in November, but I'm having some trouble with the long run and adding MRP to it. Do you have any suggestions? My most recent post, called : Marathon Race Pace details the problem. I would really love your feedback on it. Thanks!

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