Three Things Thursday

1. Swim

I mentioned in my August Recap that I had registered for a Masters Swim Club. I’m super excited to start training with the Aurora Selkies, and a few of my running-turned-tri friends have joined as well. We officially start at the end of the month and I can’t wait to have coached practices and actual swim workouts. The season runs September to June and I can attend as many practices as my schedule allows for the flat (reasonable) team rate. There are scheduled swims Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, Saturday morning and Sunday evening that work for me, so I should have no problem fitting in a few quality swims each week.

2. Bike

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s bike post. And YES, you can rest assured that I will be keeping my hybrid for recreational riding and commuting. I love this bike!

yesterday’s morning commute
sorry for the blur

Speaking of commuting, I found myself riding home into a bitter headwind yesterday and it started to rain just as I left the office. I wasn’t feeling it and took advantage of the option to bail at Mom’s house half way home. 18K (11.1mi) was enough for me in those icky conditions, after 29K (18mi) that morning.

3. Run

Tonight we made a purchase that probably should have been made a long time ago… we finally own a treadmill.

It’s the PaceMaster Premiere and will be delivered on Saturday! It is going to be awesome having this beauty downstairs this winter; no more early morning drives to the gym required. It’s going to be perfect for brick training sessions as well. We are cancelling our memberships (~$100/month) which helped justify the cost, and the convenience is going to be so worth it! Hopefully we can share…


19 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Totes jealous of the treadmill. Once we have a place with space we're getting one. Dont get me wrong- I'm no fan of the treadmill but not having to bundle up for every single winter run and getting some decent speedwork in in the winter sounds very appealing!

  2. I'd love a treadmill but we just don't have a spot for it in our place.Swim practice sounds awesome. I have been debating taking some lessons…but don't want to get shown up by the tots. 🙂

  3. You're going to love masters! You get in so much more yardage than you would ever do on your own, not to mention at a faster pace. And you're going to be loving the treadmill this winter too! So much more convenient than driving to the gym!!

  4. I tried the home gym thing… We have a treadmill, bike trainer, and even a weight bench. The bench is in such great condition — never opened the box 😉 I learned that I am just more motivated to pay for a stinkin gym than save money and workout at home. I get distracted by the mess… so then I stop working out and start working on the mess and then I realize I hate cleaning so I leave it half done and sit on the couch. Thereby not working out or getting anything done. What a dilemma. #firstworldproblem.I hope you and Maurk find many miles of love and happiness with your new treadmill.

  5. OOH a treadmill! We just got brians brothers old treadmill for me to use! I cant wait – dont know if I am going to cancel the gym yet because I hope the treadmill works lol!Have a great weekend and happy anniversary! Ill be thinking of you tomorrow!

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