Week 14

Monday – ride

A bunch of us took advantage of the holiday Monday and went for a nice mid-morning group ride. We kept it easy and social and it felt great to spin out the legs.

29.0KM (18.0mi) – 1:14:06 -23.5kph (14.6mph)

Tuesday – run + swim

Met up with the 5AM girls for more dark and early intervals.

7×1000 (goal ~4:30): 4:33 – 4:30 – 4:30 – 4:29 – 4:25 – 4:22 – 4:21

16.1KM (10.0mi) – 1:28:20 – 5:29/KM (8:49/mi)

That evening hubs and I headed to the pool. We both randomly had headaches the entire time and didn’t last long, but had a decent swim.

1400m ~35 mins.

Wednesday – ride + run + ride

Bike-muted to work followed by a brick run off the bike.

29.2KM (18.1mi) – 1:01:29 – 28.5kph (17.7mph)
5.0KM (3.1mi) – 26:29 – 5:17/KM (8:30/mi)

Cut the ride home short when I got caught in some ugly weather. Still some good mileage for the day!

17.9KM (11.1mi) – 44:06 – 24.4kph (15.1mph)

Thursday – run + swim rest

I had been having some slight ankle pain on and off for a few days, but it was really bad on Wednesday and Thursday. I couldnt’ figure out what was causing it, but I was actually limping when I walked. We had planned to swim after work but spent the evening shopping for a treadmill and started my bike search instead.


Friday – rest

My ankle was feeling better but I took the extra rest day as a precaution since I had a big weekend coming up.

Saturday – swim + bike + run

Wasaga Sprint Tri…. report to follow, but here’s a hint:

Sunday – run + eat

I woke up pretty sore and tired and didn’t have great expectations for the long run. Luckily I was meeting the group and we had an awesome post-run brunch planned, so I knew I could get through it. We were also treated to a beautiful cool morning; I actually felt pretty chilly for the first third of the run. It heated up as the morning went on, but I could definitely handle this kind of weather FOREVER.

We started on the easy side and I ended up feeling a lot better than planned. My legs were pretty sore by the end, especially after being bombarded by hills for the last 5K, but my energy level was pretty consistent and I finished off feeling really good. Just a couple of long runs to go!!

34.4KM (21.4mi) – 3:11:09 – 5:33/KM (8:55/mi)

Brunch was the best part….


Total Run Distance: 60.5 KM (37.6 mi)
Total Run Time: 5:29:28
Average Run Pace: 5:26/KM (8:45/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 95.4 KM (59.3 mi)
Total Bike Time: 3:36:37
Average Bike Speed: 26.4 kph (16.4 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 2150m
Total Swim Time: ~50:41

Total Training Time: 9:56:46

I had planned for this to be a recovery week from running, though I didnt’ expect it to be this light. I;m just glad my ankle felt better after a couple of days off. Cycling and swimming were also a bit lighter than planned, but I had a great race on Saturday and finished strong with the long run so I’d say the week was definitely a success. A little extra rest never hurt anyone…


21 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. Excellent week, yay! What a great long run you had, that had to be mentally tough at first but you are one tough woman with a very bright future!! Saw on FB about your podium finish…cannot wait for the report :).

  2. Awesome week! And, you can make us wait for your race report, but then we can look up your results online. ;)Still looking forward to the report though!

  3. I had to laugh at coach Ken 🙂 Absolutely an awesome week! Every week your weekly report inspires me!And another podium! Congrats! Can't wait to read your report.

  4. Not sure whether I like the medal pic or the breakfast pic better. The medal is great of course but that food looks divine. (Note to self – eat breakfast before looking at blogs)

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