It’s been 4+ months since we qualified and today hubs and I finally had the opportunity to apply for registration in the 116th Boston Marathon.

A note on the website this morning was not so reassuring, but also not surprising…

“Due to field size limitations, it is probable that not all qualifiers who submit an entry will be accepted.”

So now we wait and hope that 3:09:19 and 3:37:18 are good enough.

And if not? It’s okay. That will not take away from the glory of May 15th. I never imagined I stood a chance at qualifying and I am damn proud to have earned the opportunity to apply.

If I have to qualify again and again and again and again I will do it.

For now, we wait…..
Good luck everyone!


41 thoughts on “Today

  1. Well if you don't get to run in the Boston Marathon next April it just means more training time for IronMarlene to debut.Good luck friend. I'm pulling hard for you and the hubs.

  2. I hope you make it!While I understand the reasons for the rolling admission process, I don't think the "wait and see" registration is fair. I think once they narrow it down to when you can register, they should make it first come, first serve on actual registration day. But, what do I know?When do you find out?

  3. eeeeee! i know that it must be absolute torture to wait, but it's so exciting to even be seeing that famous unicorn on the screen. i still get chills whenever i see the boston marathon logo. happy thoughts heading your way!!

  4. Good luck, Marlene, please let us know ASAP!!!!! I reallly hope you get in. But if not, you'll def get in next time, you are getting so fast!! Best of luck to you and Mark and OF COURSE whatever happens does not at all change May 15th! xoxoxo

  5. Good luck. For me it would be an honor just to be able to apply. If I did qualify I'm not even sure I would apply for the race – but that's me and I'm a weird duck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Boston Schmoston. They think they're so wicked awesome driving around in their cahs.I hope you get whatever answer you are hoping for. Let's be real you are on the Dark Side now, just-marathons are too wimpy.

  7. I hope it works out! And I have to admit, I felt a little lazy when I got to the glorious pic of you crossing the finish line back in May and I'm sitting here eating a bowl of ice cream. Way to shame me. πŸ™‚ ha! All in good fun. Also, I "tagged" you for a throw-back post the other day, just in case it might be fun. πŸ™‚

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