Week 15

This is one of those times where I really need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Here’s a quick summary before I have a chance to write the actual recap… 

  • Fri 5pm – drove to meet Geodee and wait for our friend L to arrive
  • talked bikes and did my measurements for fun in the meantime
  • ~2.5h drive to Kingston to spend the night with L’s family – didn’t get to bed til midnight
  • Sat 6am wake up to hit the road for border crossing and drive to Syracuse
  • 10am arrived at race hotel to meet the rest of our posse – registered, shopped at expo, race meeting, etc.
  • 1pm – checked into hotel, then drove all over to find agreeable lunch for all athletes/children (no easy task!)
  • 3pm – arrive at race site to check in bikes and scope things out. we wanted to swim but weren’t allowed in the water.
  • 6pm – back at hotel to get organized for the morning
  • 7pm – mandatory shopping trip to Target
  • 8:30pm – late dinner; this time we did not agree and went to two different restaurants.
  • 9:30pm – back at hotel to finish laying things out
  • 10pm – into bed only to discover that our roommate snores like a jet engine and there was a rowdy wedding after-party going on next door. NO SLEEP
  • 4am – wake up, pack up, check out
  • 5am – drive to race site and bundle up because it’s freeeeeezing
  • 7am – race starts! super exciting!!
  • 11:45am – my turn to run… stay tuned
  • race, race, race, cheer, cheer, cheer, eat, eat, eat
  • 5pm – in the car to head home
  • 11pm – home

The race was great and everyone kicked butt. Loved the atmosphere and being there for 12 hours actually flew by. All the awesome people I got to hang out with all weekend made it super fun, even with all the driving and lack of sleep. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

ANYWAY, here’s the training recap for last week:

Monday – bike 

Hopped on the new trainer for an easy shake-out spin.

15.0KM – 35:25 – 25.4 kph (15.8 mph)

Tuesday – run x 2 + swim

5am run with the gang. With a half marathon coming up on the weekend, I wanted to keep the intensity lighter and tagged along on the other girls’ paces for a progression run. Added on a little distance before and after.

18.4KM (11.4mi) – 1:46:25 – 5:46/KM (9:16/mi)

Headed out over lunch for wrap up medium-long mileage for the day.  

6.7KM (4.2mi) – 35:10 – 5:14/KM (8:25/mi)

We had planned to swim that night (9pm) but I was extremely tired and not feeling so good after work. I felt like I was fighting something and opted to go to bed early instead.

Wednesday – bike + run x 2 + swim

Cold and dark morning bike-mute with Juliana. I was bundled up pretty good but still freezing. Otherwise, it was a nice ride.

34.2KM (21.2mi) – 1:17:36 – 26.4 kph (16.4 mph)

I originally planned to run off the bike when I got to the office, but I was cold and just didn’t feel like it, so I decided I would run at lunch instead when it was much warmer.

8.1KM (5.0mi) – 45:01 – 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)

I hopped on the treadmill for a short run after work just to test it out. It felt great, but we really need to hook up the TV downstairs!

4.0KM (2.5mi)  – 22:33 – 5:38/KM (9:04/mi)

Then to the pool for an easy swim…

1000m ~20mins

Thursday – run

I met the clinic group Thursday evening for a planned 8K MRP (marathon race pace) run. I don’t even know what my goal MRP is these days and wasn’t sure how to tackle the run, so I just latched on with a group somewhere in the middle. We started on the slow side and gradually picked it up with another girl who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do that night. We ended up finishing with a strong tempo pace.

17.6KM (10.9mi) – 1:33:47 – 5:19/KM (8:33/mi)
8K (5mi) MRP/tempo @ 4:50/KM (7:46/mi)

Friday – run

Slept in and missed meeting my buddies, but managed to put in a recovery run before work anyway.

10.0KM (6.2mi) – 1:00:19 – 6:01/KM (9:41/mi)

Saturday – rest

travel, shopping, race prep, expo, etc. – all sorts of awesome as listed above

with geodee at the race expo! excited much??

Sunday – run

Ironman Syracuse 70.3 Relay

21.1KM (13.1mi) – 1:43:49 – 4:55/KM (7:54/mi)

race report to follow….

Total Run Distance: 85.9 KM (53.4 mi)

Total Run Time: 7:46:54

Average Run Pace: 5:26/KM (8:44/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 49.2 KM (30.6 mi)

Total Bike Time: 1:53:01

Average Bike Speed: 26.1 kph (16.2 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 1000m

Total Swim Time: ~20 mins

Total Training Time: 9:59:55

Definitely a lot lighter on cycling and swimming, but my tris are over for the season and I have a marathon coming up SOON so that has to be the priority. I can’t risk over-extending myself to fit everything in. I’ll be playing it by ear for the remainder of this training cycle and fitting in a ride or swim when I can, but not stressing when I can’t.


24 thoughts on “Week 15

  1. You're a machine!! How do you like your trainer? I've been thinking of getting one for winter rides. Can you simulate hills? Or is it more like a spin bike??

  2. Another big week! How did you even get to 4 miles on the treadmill without some distraction? I know I would seriously struggle. I think it's because I have runner's ADD.

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