September 2011

Total Run Mileage: 346.1 KM (215.2 mi)

Highest Weekly Run Mileage: 85.9 KM (53.4 mi)Week 15

# Runs: 25

# [Run] Doubles: 3

Cycling Mileage: 205.3 KM (127.6 mi)

 # Swims (Distance): 7 (10250m)

Races: Wasaga Sprint Tri, Syracuse 70.3 Relay, Zoo Run 10K, Oakville Half Marathon

Favourite Run: The Zoo Run was a hoot – loved meeting up with Laurel & Marci and just running for fun while checking out the animals.

Most Hardcore Run: That would have to be this morning’s 20-mile run-mute to work, whcih started at 4am in the rain. Sooo glad it’s done!

Book of the Month: I have not been reading at all! Shame.

Song of the Month: I couldn’t choose so I just hit play on my shuffle and this is what came on: If I Die Young by The Band Perry (love it!)

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: fall TV! it’s season premiere month!


Indulgence of the Month: Potato chip feast which occurred on the road trip to Syracuse… there’s just something about chips and road trips!

Drink of the Month: Sticking to the good stuff: h2o.

Current Wish-List: new edition Red Mittens!

Current Need: a nap! and physio [which I have this afternoon!] – 20 mile run followed by 4 hours seated at my desk = not so good for the muscles!

Triumph of the Month: acceptance in the BOSTON MARATHON

Current Bane of my Existence: the air conditioning which continues to run non-stop at work even though we’re having fall weather outside… we need windows in this place! bring on the fresh air please.

Current Blessings: a truly awesome husband, family, friends and co-workers who have shared in my Boston excitement and tolerated me talking about it NON-STOP
Current Excitement: hubby’s 30th Birthday bash tomorrow!

Current Goal: A successful race (definition of “successful” TBD) on October 16th!

What’s your current goal or excitement? Obsession of the month?
Give me one in the comments!

15 thoughts on “September 2011

  1. What a great post. Happy B-Day to your hubby tomorrow as well. My excitement was also getting on to Boston for 2012…hotel booked, plane booked…ready to go! Current goal is also STWM and another BQ (though I will only run it once) and a new PB.

  2. My current goal is to get this business I'm working on off he ground and that is what I'm obsessed with as well.Happy B-Day to the hubs.Just a thought….if you ran and rode those miles you would clearly be on your way to Texas….just saying!

  3. Holy Hannah you are a RUNNER!My goal this month…to finish my FIRST half marathon ..with hubby on Oct. 29th!! I just started running this YEAR…I look at you and think "WOW!" I don't have any goals for a Boston though…I just want to get in better shape and enjoy a few races around here.You go GIRL!

  4. Agh, it would be No fun at all to sit for hours after a 20 miler! I was thinking of you today – way to get that thing DONE. Current goal: survive MCM at the end of the month (I"m with you, definition of successful is totally TBD). Current obsession: dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joes & the a-mazing Ray LaMontagne concert we went to last night 🙂 Happy weekend – and happy birthday to Mark!!

  5. 20 miles to work in the rain. Wow! You are the most hard core athlete I follow. You continue to amaze me.Excitement of the month – a fun, good, strong half marathon.Obsession – buying tv series that are just coming out on DVDs. Recommendations?

  6. I'm really behind on the blogs due to all the crazy wedding stuff I've endured the last several weeks.I read your total month's mileage. Damn girl, you are a machine!Current excitement: I love being married!Current goal: Enjoy the Medtronic TC 10 Mile on Sunday. We're supposed to have perfect weather. I can't wait!Current obsession: Nesting! My other ongoing goal is setting up house at our condo.

  7. Great September! You rocked it out!Current excitement: Um, we bought a truck today!Current goal: setting a time goal for HamiltonCurrent obsession: Um… wine? Nothing really, to be honest!

  8. Excellent, excellent month Marlene.I love fall TV season, everything started here too (usually we're a few episodes behind on shows in the US) and I'm already behing because I want to watch so many shows 🙂

  9. I will be starting my half marathon training plan on October 4th. That's my current obsession, fear, excitement, worry and everything else under the sun. I don't know if I can do this and I'm nervous as hell!!!

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