This Monday has not been nearly as exciting as last Monday. I’m waiting for some really awesome news to brighten my day. Probably not going to happen, so it’s a good thing I’m still bouncing-off-the-walls excited about last week’s news!
Speaking of which, Boston has thrown me for a bit of a loop (in a very very good way!) in terms of training for next year. I honestly did not expect to get in, and wasn’t planning on running a spring marathon at all – focusing on a half ironman instead. Still not sure how I will approach training or what the priorities will be – I’ve got ideas bouncing around all over the place inside my brain.
Speaking of which, my goal race for this season is coming up in less than two weeks – the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16th. I have no idea what I’m capable of at this point of what my goal(s) will be, but we’ll save that for a post next week; this has been a different kind of training cycle to say the least… bounce bounce bounce

This weekend we got to do some actual bouncing in a bouncy castle at hubs’ 30th Birthday! I had this up my sleeve for a while and totally surprised him on Saturday. His inner 5 year old emerged immediately, along with most of the other adults at the party! What a riot.

We had a Birthday Gorilla too…
Should I be jealous?
That’s all for now, gotta bounce

26 thoughts on “Bouncing

  1. Looks like hubby and you had a great day celebrating his 30th birthday! Love the pictures :)I am sure you are still on a major high for Boston. Wish it were not so far from here or I would come to cheer you on.

  2. I need to bounce a question off of ya….I am running in my FIRST half on 10/29 the "Monster Dash" many runners dress up and its a hoot! I kind of want to but I don't really want to bring any attention to myself being its my first half and all (and in case I come in last…that dreaded last feeling ya know)Any way, with all your costumes around your blog…just wondering if you have seen any super simple (no capes, wigs ..I sweat too much… face masks, etc…)costumes during your fun runs. Plus, light..I don't need any extra weight to be carrying around for miles.Thanks…

  3. Happy biurthday Maurk! PS my phone automatically recognizes Maurk as a proper noun now and capitalizes it for me. I think you should train on a pogo stick and BOUNCE your way through Boston.

  4. Hahahah….yeah, I'd be super jealous of that bikini wearing gorilla, watch out girl ;).A bouncy castle for a 30th birthday is brilliant…can I be 30 again? :)Can't wait to hear of the new news!!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Mark.What a great idea to rent a bouncing house, don't we all want to let the inner child out from time to time? Looks to me you had a great party!

  6. if your goal is tris for next year, what about running boston for fun. then you can cut back on intensity and run days but still do enough to get through it and feel good. running it for fun was the best! i'm so glad i was "forced" to do it that way. i wouldn't want my first boston any other way.

  7. I'm sure your hubby had a birthday he'll never forget! Happy belated birthday to him!I agree with Denise… you should totally run Boston for fun and focus more on the training for the half-iron.

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