Three Things Thursday

1. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we have a very low-key weekend planned. The last few weeks have been crazy with Syracuse, back-to-back races and hubs’ Birthday party so I am looking forward to catching up on chores around the house some much-needed “R&R” [rest and running – I stole that from Shelly!]

The forecast couldn’t be better…

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks!
2. 19 from my running posse are off to Chicago this weekend! Looks like I have some serious stalking live-tracking to do on Sunday morning. Wishing them all (and everyone else running) a fantastic race! We plan to be there next year when the race falls on my 30th Birthday weekend. Make sure you scope out the best pizza for me! In the meantime, check out these first marathon race reports from Chicago ’06, ’07, ’09 and ’10 for some inspiration:

3. We already celebrated on the weekend but today hubs turns the big 3-0! Happy Birthday to a guy who makes me laugh every day – my coach, partner, best friend and someone I am lucky to share my life with.

27 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Happy Birthday to hubs and have a great quiet R&R weekend! Good luck to all your friends running in Chicago this weekend. Hope it's not too hot for them down there.

  2. Birthday wishes for Mark and Happy Canadian Turkey day to you both!!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the shout out on my chi-town recap, when I read that yesterday I cried. That was such an amazing day and yet I can still relive it in my head like it was yesterday. I have so far to go before I'll ever get back to that again but I know someday I will and I can only hope the finish is as sweet.

  3. Thanksgiving and a birthday (a big one at that) all in one weekend? Nice! Wow, that's a whole lot o' Canadians hitting the streets of Chicago. I'm sure everyone would be happy if they brought some cool Canadian air along with them!

  4. I can definitely tell you where the best pizza in Chicago is… don't forget to ask next year 🙂 Enjoy your Thanksgiving – looks like a nice long weekend!

  5. Aww Happy Real bday! Yay! Enjoy your weekend and happy Thanksgiving!! SO lucky to have time off – most teachers and govt places are closed this Monday but sadly I have to work 😦 I love rest and running time!

  6. Every time I think I've learned to speak Marlene you go and confuse me. Thanksgiving? And what the *%^# does that weather forecast say? Crazy Canucks! (joking, of course;) )I, too, will be Chicago stalking. It's a great weekend for our sport!

  7. Three things to your three things:1- That looks colder than it really is I'm sure b/c you guys you a completely different system than our. Translations needed.2- Pizza is not made in Chicago. Those are open faced strombolis. Please don't get them confused with pizza which is made in Naples Italy or New York only.3- Love the boxing gloves. What a great pic and happy b-day to Mark.

  8. happy thanksgiving! and happy birthday! i can't believe it's chicago 'm' time again, that was me last year. such fantastic memories, you'll LOVE IT next year!p.s. we come to ontario next friday, but thanks to a trial my husband has scheduled, our trip is being cut short. leaving monday. sad. no T.O. visits for us this time.

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