Review & Giveaway: Snickers "Smart Stuff" Marathon Bars

A little while ago, my tri-nabler Jason was kind enough to arrange for me to receive some samples of Snickers Smart Stuff Marathon Bar to review. [Read his review here.]

I received a generous shipment of the Crunchy Honey Graham and Crunchy Chocolate Crisp flavors.

What Snickers says:

* a “Lunch Box friendly” snack that the whole family will enjoy

* satisfies the Alliance for a Healthier Generation School Competitive Food Guidelines

* 8 essential vitamins & minerals

* wholesome ingredients – no HFCS, artificial sweeteners/flavors/colors

* great-tasting snack food with the balanced nutrition needed to support active minds and bodies

* nutritional info:

I try to eat a very nutritious/balanced diet and I am constantly on the go, so I am a sucker for convenient bars that are easy to pack and eat. It can be difficult to find these options without all of the unhealthy additives. These bars seem to be a reasonable option, although the ingredients list is a bit long.

They come in a great portion-controlled size – just substantial enough to fill the hunger gap without being too heavy. I find that they’re light enough to eat right before a workout, while also being substantial enough to enjoy as a post-workout recovery snack.

honey graham flavor

chocolate crisp flavor

They taste great – sweet and chocolatey, just how I like them. 🙂 They’re also soft and chewy, without being too sticky, with just the right amount of crunch.

Overall, I definitely give these bars two thumbs up. The website still says they are “Coming Soon” so keep an eye out for them!


Until then, we have some bars up for grabs for two lucky readers! To enter:

Mandatory – Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know you’d like to try them;
Bonus – Follow me on Twitter and let me know in a separate comment;
Bonus – Share this giveaway on the outlet of your choice (blog/twitter/FB/rooftop/etc.) and let me know in a separate comment.

Giveaway closes October 18th.


51 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Snickers "Smart Stuff" Marathon Bars

  1. i cannot eat these so count me out. yes, i am disappointed too.on my way to my first marathon, i spotted the original "snickers marathon bars" in a gas station, so i bought one. you know, because a glorified candy bar = greater marathon success.

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