Wordless Wednesday: the first 8

1. Toronto Waterfront – September ’08 – 4:42

2. Toronto Waterfront – September ’09 – 4:26
3. Disney (Goofy) – January ’10 – 4:48
4. Mississauga – May ’10 – 3:58
5. Seattle – June ’10 – 4:15
6. Goodlife Toronto – October ’10 – 4:11
7. Martian – April ’11 – 3:46
8. Mississauga – May ’11 – 3:37
9. Toronto Waterfront – October ’11 – TBD
4 more sleeps

50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: the first 8

  1. Number 9!!?? Really! Look at you go! I know I will say it again but good luck this weekend!! You are in such good shape from all your workouts!

  2. This is the most inspiring wordless Wednesday. I'm so pumped for you. I can't even wait to see what this one holds for you!And I want you to know your comment on my marathon yesterday made me cry…seriously I had never thought about it that I can now say I run marathons instead of just saying I have ran one marathon. Thank you for all your support during my training and over the years. Watching you continually pushing and striving for even more greatness inspires me to keep on doing the same thing. I think I have it in me for a third. Watch out world!

  3. That's so amazing that you are on marathon number 9! I just finished my third half marathon and have the itch to run a full…hopefully next year! You look amazing and really slim in your martian marathon! Amazing what running does for the body 🙂

  4. This is really inspiring to see your improvements over the last 8 marathons!! I'm a newish reader to your blog so I'm not sure if you've blogged about how you took so much time off between marathons? Would love to read about it!Best of luck this weekend! LOVE that last photo of you! 🙂

  5. This is going to sound so original now probably 😉 but Tall Mom and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and Good Luck in your Marathon! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  6. marlene, I've read along for (most) of your marathons and I'm totally inspired by your progression as a runner. I see so much of myself as a runner in you, and I know that I can do it, because you have. So fun to see your body transformation through the years, as well!! you are amazing!!

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