A Taperific Birthday

It’s my Birthday!

29 (for the first time….)
26th Bday
Birthday celebrations are postponed until Sunday when I can indulge guilt-free. For now, taper is in full effect – more resting than running, hand sanitizer overload, all healthy food and hydrating like it’s my job.
I hope to receive my real Birthday gift on Sunday in the form of a perfect race, but I think this will suffice in the mean time…
This probably covers my next few [dozen] Birthdays
Training recap & goals tomorrow…
3 more sleeps!

78 thoughts on “A Taperific Birthday

  1. Well Happy Birthday to you…Hope you have a great day today and an even better Sunday…. Nice bike…. I think you'll do great things on that bike…

  2. Referred here from Tall Mom – glad to find another running blog to peruse!Also, Tall Mom and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and Good Luck in your Marathon.

  3. Drooling over your b-day ride! Congrats and Happiest of Birthday's! I wish you an even more amazing year than the year you've had!!! (Is that even possible?!?!) Enjoy the R&R before the big race and then celebrate your face off girl, you deserve it!

  4. Happy Birthday! Tall mom would like to wish you a happy birthday too. And good luck on your marathon so that you can celebrate your birthday in style.

  5. Na na na na nana…they say it's your birthday! Na na na na nana…it's my birthday too!Long time lurker, first time poster. I just had to, once I found out we share a birthday. You're my running hero–have a great birthday and a wonderful race this weekend!

  6. happy happy birthday! 29, time for babies.or bikes i guess are just as cuddly. and don't have poopy diapers. and don't cost you a fortune with a college education and future wedding. see, now doesn't that bike price tag look a lot cheaper now? you're welcome.

  7. Okay. I already told happy birthday on FB, but Mel is making me do this…Tall Mom and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and Good Luck in your Marathon!!!!!!!I added the exclamation points.Really, though. So excited for your race this weekend. You are an inspiration to so many. Happy BDAY!

  8. Happy birthday Marlene!What a great birthday gift, I see a lot of great bike rides for you in the near future.Good luck at your marathon but I know you will do great, you're first one at 29 πŸ™‚

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