Pass the carrots.

A week after the big race and it has been a fully lazy relaxing and indulgent seven days. It was nice to sleep in, spend evenings on the couch and enjoy the most sinful treats without any guilt. I watched my favourite shows in real-time, stayed up too late slightly later than my usual granny bedtime, slept in, ate out with friends and family – all without worrying about accommodating my training schedule.

I did get out for two short runs (8K on Thursday and 10K on Sunday) with my training group, for purely social reasons. It was refreshing to run just because I felt like it, although my legs were feeling pretty heavy and stiff.

As of today I’m ready to get back on track with some sort of training regimen – still no expectations or pressure, just doing what I love because it makes me feel good. I am also ready to clean up the diet and start eating and hydrating properly again.

First time bringing a packed lunch to work in a week!  

Ready for success all stocked up on fresh produce:

Do you catch yourself falling off the healthy wagon after a big race? 
What is the best thing about getting back on track?

22 thoughts on “Pass the carrots.

  1. Well deserved time to be "bad"! yes, I always do that in the week after a marathon. Then I have to catch myself and get back on's not always easy! Good luck with it.

  2. You definitely deserved a week "off" from all things training and good eating! Sometimes it is just so nice to do that and enjoy it! I love the feeling of eating well again and also sweating. I miss a good morning sweat when I am in recovery mode!

  3. I'm not really "on" the healthy wagon when I'm training, so not much for me to fall off of lol…however I enjoyed the week of rest as well. It was a well earned break for you that's for sure, you had quite a year! Happy training and can't wait to see what 2012 brings you.

  4. Speaking of falling off the bandwagon, I went to a cake "tasting" party Saturday and brought home a huge plate which mostly disappeared by end of day Sunday (*urp*)

  5. I definitely lose the motivation to train after a big race. I combat it by signing up for a different goal race. And taking a short break if I need it mentally.

  6. I can lose some motivation specifically after our clinics end as there is a period of a couple of weeks where there are only 'social runs' twice a week and I do need my group to keep me in check sometimes. …but a little bad is never TOO bad a thing…

  7. Well yesterday after the race I ate this:1 banana2 veggie burgers with lettuce, tomato and pickles2 ice cream cups3 cookies1 large decaf coffee5 bottles of water1 smoothie2 rice cakes with nut butter and cherry jelly1 bowl of granola with almond milkToday I had 3 pancakes and 1 pear with nut butter.I am already ready to focus on my diet but this week will be all recovery training.1 short spin tomorrow1 short swim on Wed1 short run on ThurOff on Friday.

  8. I know it's going to be like a year before I have one, but that margarita looks good! But, getting back on track just makes me feel better about the world, my health, etc. It just feels good.

  9. After our half marathon in Melbourne we certainly spared no calories. But, hey, we were in Melbourne which is known for it's food and coffee. So we indulged while we were there and once home it was back to the old, fairly healthy diet.

  10. I need to get myself back into better habits as well. My last two weeks looked a lot like yours, except maybe more frosting LOL. Back to normal tomorrow (I'd say tonight, but I've still got some beer in my glass…)

  11. I totally catch myself falling off the wagon after a big race. I always justified "oh I just ran a big race so i can eat this or that". I loved all the fun pics though..that margarita looked soooo good!

  12. I totally get lazy with my eating habits after a big race, but after my wedding, I got really lazy and am still struggling to get back on track.One of the best reasons to get back on track is knowing how good you feel when you put healthy stuff into your body. I need to remind myself of this more often.

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