What I Ate Wednesday


It’s time for Jenn‘s weekly party: What I ate Wednesday Tuesday. These eats are almost identical to the last time I shared, so I’m sorry for the repetition. I’m such a creature of habit, but I’ll try to make it more interesting next time. 😉 I actually started to record a day on the weekend when I tend to mix it up more, but kept forgetting to take pictures. Anyway, here goes…

first things first: tea to warm up

instant… again

apples & yogurt for a morning snack

big lunch salad w/ chickpeas, olives, almonds + 2 small oranges

handful of grapes for an afternoon snack

4pm treat, plus h2o all day long

veggie burger with the fixin’s, avocado and roasted brussels on the side

What did you eat?

21 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. look at the apples all lined up like little soldiers.I love roasted brussel sprouts. Easy to make and tasty.BUTYou gotta get rid of that yellow mustard and get whole grain mustard. So much better tasting.

  2. I think both mustards have their place. There's something comforting about the yellow French's mustard sometimes. Yesterday was a weird eating day because I was at an all day meeting where food was provided. Not nearly enough vegetables so I'll definitely be loading up on veggies today!

  3. Yeah Jason tried to tell me to drink my coffee black and get rid of my half and half and no freaking way will that happen, so stick to your bright mustard!Everything is so neat on your plate. Are you a really neat person with your house and other stuff in your life?So far today: 2 cups of coffee, piece of home made apple cake (can justify b/c it's whole wheat four), banana, mint tea. Going to my daughter's school to Thanksgiving lunch cafeteria style.

  4. Your meals through the day always impress me – I don't have the self control you do, but that's part of why you have such incredible results! :)I don't think you're officially vegetarian – are most of your days meat free?

  5. Mmmmm. Avocados! My husband had never had them till he met me. I'm from CA where they are a staple.Also, wanted to comment on your pace bunny post but I was at work. So fun! Maybe someday I could do this.

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