It’s time for another round of….

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting!
breakfast # 1 before a morning run – there’s no need for plates at 4:30AM

hot tea when I got to work – yes I show up to the office in this hat!

breakfast # 2 – greek yogurt & granola

morning snack… mmmm clementine season!!

mixed veggie & chickpea salad w/ feta for lunching

not just any apple: HONEYCRISP! my fave

grapes & HB eggs for more snackage

chickpea pot pie for dinner – prepared on the weekend

Here’s the recipe: Chickpea Pot Pie and I used this crust instead of puff pastry: Whole Grain Crust. (Found both from Susan @ The Great Balancing Act). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

three cheers for leftovers!
I tend to eat the same snacks every.single.day. Got any ideas for me??

Happy Hump Day! If all goes well, this should be my last post on Blogger!


17 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. I can never participate in WIAW. Who wants to see pictures of my breakfast – quarter of an apple that wouldn't fit in Jones' apple container for school + crusts off of Shoo's PB&J + coffee. Can't believe I'm actually admitting that LOL.

  2. Ok…you truly had an Amanda-inspired day of eating there! That had all my favorites in it!One snack idea–making your own trail mix. Almonds, dried edamame, dark chocolate chips and dried cherries is one I love.Can't wait to see the new product!

  3. I do almond butter and apples for a snack or almonds. I struggle with breakfast…since I am usually eating it in the car driving!! LOVE the hat!!

  4. Dont you get hungry? That doesnt look like a lot of for someone who exercises as much as you do! I run much less and def eat a lot more. Sigh. I love eating:)

  5. MCM is not alone in her crust habit. Although I was good yesterday, probably because I participated in WIAW today!I need to investigate that chickpea pot pie.

  6. YummmmmmWe always have a big container of trail mix on hand – dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, choc chips and almonds.

  7. Seriously jonesin' for that chickpea pot pie! Definitely making it once we get back from vacation šŸ™‚ My snacks tend to be pretty similar most days, too! apple + nuts OR granola + yogurt OR {seasonal fruit} + some dry cereal or mixed nuts. Or a Larabar, ha.

  8. I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn into a clementine soon I've been eating so many. YUM!That dark chocolate dreams PB would get me out of bed for a morning run any day too!!

  9. I eat the same snacks all the time as well. Favorites for me right now are air popped popcorn and veggies with hummus. YUM!

  10. I gotta say you eat very very clean. I love it.Now at the end you wrote Happy Hump Day….If all goes well and that is where my wind wandered off like a 15 year old boy.BTW – I am still cracking up about your comment on Beth's blog…..HI-LARRY-US!!!!!

  11. I don't often go further than fruit for snacking – and a skinny cappuccino. But if I'm really hungry I'll have a slice of fruit toast or a homemade pumpkin scone.

  12. dang marlene. you're so healthy. i need to remember to get grapes. those are a good snack! i need to lay off the chips… seriously. a bag a day probably isn't helping my buddha belly eh?i do think you need to quit smoking though. i can't imagine that makes the oranges taste very good.

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