It’s time for another round of….

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting!
breakfast # 1 before a morning run – there’s no need for plates at 4:30AM
hot tea when I got to work – yes I show up to the office in this hat!
breakfast # 2 – greek yogurt & granola
morning snack… mmmm clementine season!!
mixed veggie & chickpea salad w/ feta for lunching
not just any apple: HONEYCRISP! my fave
grapes & HB eggs for more snackage
chickpea pot pie for dinner – prepared on the weekend

Here’s the recipe: Chickpea Pot Pie and I used this crust instead of puff pastry: Whole Grain Crust. (Found both from Susan @ The Great Balancing Act). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

three cheers for leftovers!
I tend to eat the same snacks every.single.day. Got any ideas for me??

Happy Hump Day!If all goes well, this should be my last post on Blogger!


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