Wednesday Wheels

Yesterday I finally learned how to do something I should have learned long ago. I changed my own tube!

My pal Julie from Scout Cycling generously hosted a free Bike Maintenance 101 Workshop for about 20 of us at a local community centre.

We went over all the basics of bike maintenance, including a pre-ride safety check, monitoring parts for wear, cleaning/lubing the chain and changing a flat.

I was lucky that I never ended up needing this skill all season, since I wasn’t carrying the essentials even if I did know how to use them. This will definitely be rectified for next season.

I wasn’t brave enough to try a CO2 cartridge yet (that will be my goal next year!), but I do have a small frame-mounted hand pump for now.

Something tells me it’s going to seem a lot more complicated if I find myself in the situation on the side of the road (even worse, in a race!) so I’m thinking I should practice at home a few several more times.

Running shoes seem so much simpler!

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wheels

  1. I use a trainer tire, so I practice changing it whenever I switch to ride on the trainer or road. It’s a good skill to have!

    In your defense, you probably were less likely to get a flat on your hybrid then on your road/tri bike.

  2. I must be honest, one of the reasons I don’t cycle is that I hate being dependent on anything mechanical and also because of flats and chains falling off and whatever else can go wrong with a bike. It’s not the main reason but certainly plays a big part in my non-cycling life.

  3. Yay here I am on your new site!
    I so need a class like that yet have no plan to go. Blah.
    What’s a CO2 cartridge for? Pumping? Why scary? Color me clueless.
    Glad you’re feeling better!

    • The CO2 cartridges are little cannisters of ‘air’ that pump your tire instantaneously, but they are one-use and if you screw it up… then you’re screwed! I have also heard a few horror stories of having them open incorrectly and go flying like a rocket. Probably being irrational, but I feel safer with my trusty old-fashioned pump. lol

      • Learn to use the CO2 b/c when you are racing that Half-Iron and full Iron you are not going to want to pump up a tire. The CO2 takes no time to fill up and always carry an extra cartridge (meaning carry 3 – 1 for each tire and an extra)

  4. Point 1: “I appreciate your comments” Is above your comment box 😛 You’re cooler than that.

    Point 2: Nice work going to the workshop! I hate dealing with tires. I have a hard time pumping them up with a regular pump. I throw all my weight on the darn thing, but can’t get it to hit the needed pressure. I should really find a workshop.

  5. Honestly I think the scariest thing about biking is the possibility of a flat on the road! I would be so scared and not even have a clue what to do! That is great you are learning and i am sure you will be good to go if anything ever happens.

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  7. Ha, running Everything (shoes, gear, logistics, electronics, etc) is so much simpler!! I still don’t know how to change a flat, even after requesting a lesson from D multiple times. He’s usually with me on the ride, so I’ve lucked out there.

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