Blackjack (21 Things)

Tall Mom tagged me to play along and share 21 random bits & pieces that you may not know about me.

Here goes…

1. I’ve lived within about a 10 mile radius my entire life, in 6 different homes (3 with my family, 3 with hubs). It would take a lot for me to move away; I love it here.

2. I am terrified of flying, but that doesn’t stop me from travelling. This year I learned that Ativan helps.

3. The biggest prize I ever won was a one-week trip to London from a radio station in 2007. I took my Mom.

4. I’ve never touched a cigarette in my life, but every one of my immediate family members, and their significant others, smoke – against my protestations! I would give anything for them to quit.

5. I worry about my family all the time.

6. My worst habit is biting my nails.

7. Hubs and I first met in our grade 10 calculus class. We recently discovered (through Facebook!) that the secretary at our physiotherapist’s office is married to that math teacher.

8. I often have a strong desire to shave my head – one day I will do it!

9. I change out of my work clothes the instant I get home every single day. I’m comfortable enough all day, but when I walk in the door I suddenly find them intolerable.

10. We recently cancelled our home phone and decided to stick with just cell phones. I had a mild panic attack when we first cut it off, but we have not missed it. And I only tried to make a call from the disconnected handset once.

11. I have only ever had 3 job interviews (and 3 jobs) in my life.

12. I can’t be bothered to blow-dry my hair 90% of the time; I leave the house with wet hair almost every day, even in the winter. That’s what hats are for.

13. I wish I liked seafood, but I just don’t. Sometimes I will eat fresh fish from the lake when we’re camping, because somehow it doesn’t taste as “fishy”.

14. I hate the taste of coffee and that includes coffee-flavoured desserts.

15. My lucky/favourite number is 13, probably because of my Birthday. I love when it falls on Friday the 13th!

16. I am not superstitious.

17. I could watch Friends reruns all day long, but I don’t enjoy Seinfeld and I can’t stand The Simpsons.

18. I always used to sleep like a rock from the time my head hit the pillow until my alarm went off, and never remembered any dreams. Over the past year or so I have started waking up a couple times per night and remembering all kinds of dreams. I must be sleeping lighter in my old age. 🙂

19. I am a freak about clutter and tend to put things away without even thinking about it – sometimes when they are still in use. I also have a very hard time sitting down to a meal without cleaning up the kitchen first.

20. I’m very particular about the way the dishwasher is loaded.

21. I don’t like pumpkin pie. (Happy Thanksgiving!) Actually, I’m not much of a pie person in general. Except peanut butter pie. Other than that, pass the cupcakes please!

I’m tagging the people who commented on yesterday’s post:

I was “supposed” to tag 10 and that’s only 9, so consider yourself tagged if you’d like to play along!


21 thoughts on “Blackjack (21 Things)

  1. If you do #8 then I will too. I’ve been dying to do it as well since I am losing my hair anyway (the wife would not be happy but it will grow back I say)

    And we have to revisit our friendship as I am a huge Seinfeld fan…….and I don’t watch The Simpsons either.

    I clean up the kitchen as I’m cooking b/c I’m the same way.

    Maybe I should just do my 21 things right here…..haha!

  2. I’ve lived within a 2 mile radius in 2 houses my entire life…finally considering moving. Scared to death!!

    I don’t dry my hair either. Yeah I’m not the only one.

  3. Great list, fun to learn more about you!! Ick, I hate smoking so I don’t blame you for protesting! Both my parents smoked – IN THE HOUSE – while I was growing up. They both quit about 6 years ago and I’m SO glad. I don’t know how I stood it as a kid and a teenager. BLEGH.

    I ❤ Friends. I've seen every episode sooo many times I can usually just listen to it while doing something else and still no exactly what's happening on the TV 🙂

  4. I loved reading this post — so many things I didn’t know about you. Especially the whole shave your head one. I bet you would look fierce with a shaved head — and it would probably make you run even faster! LOL!

  5. you are a worry wart 😉 but so am i.

    umm. you shouldn’t have even had a home phone line to begin with. old school. just kidding. actually i’ve heard that those are pretty handy to have in case of emergency — police/fire dept can trace your land line to your exact address but they can’t do that with a cell phone? i think? maybe that’s a snopes thing i heard and fell for. who knows.

    let me know when you shave your head. i’ve always wished someone would do that for me… you know, like how a friend/family member does for a cancer patient in the movies.

  6. Thanks for tagging me. We have a few things in common: 9, 10, 11 almost (this is my 4th job and I’m working for over 20 years now), 13 and 20. I don’t like clutter either and can’t sit down after dinner till the kitchen is clean.

  7. Hah, this might sound weird but a lot of your “quirks” (characteristics, habits, etc) sound a Lot like D! More often than not my things have been put away and I’m like “uh…I was using that…” 😉 On the hair note – I bet yours is very soft and healthy, avoiding all that heat/dry damage.

  8. I totally agree about your taste in TV shows- not into Seinfeld or the Simpons- LOVE friends. I also leave my house with my hair wet every day. It sometimes freezes in the winter 🙂

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