Weekend Recap & HBBC Week 1

I hope everyone had a great weekend – especially my friends to the south who were celebrating Thanksgiving!

My weekend started with a Friday night date at the pool for my longest swim to-date! I ended up being the only one from Masters that showed up (apparently some people have better things to do on a Friday night??) so I got extra one-on-one attention from the coaches, and put in 3000 metres!

Saturday morning hubs and I enjoyed a “runner’s sleep-in” (aka 8am) and a lazy start before heading out for an easy run together. Our schedules have been conflicting a lot lately so it was nice to have the opportunity. At one point a squirrel literally flew across our path after we startled him digging for food; I screamed and then broke into hysterics. You had to be there.

Next up I was off to Cobourg for a bike ride (outside! in November! in Canada!) with E. It was a gorgeous day and we had a nice chatty ride. I was super stylish with my bike shorts over tights.

Unfortunately that’s the only picture I managed to take – fail!

From there we headed straight to the train station to pick up Meg who was in town visiting from the States over Thanksgiving weekend. We had an awesome afternoon and evening catching up – devouring an entire veggie tray between the three of us in the process.

I had a long drive home and a long run in the morning, so unfortunately I had to leave before the shenanigans ensued… apparently. 😉 *ahem*

Sunday morning I met up with the a couple dozen others who chose to spend a rainy, windy Sunday morning running all over town. I tried out some of my new Vega sports nutrition – review to follow soon! It turned out to be an extremely tough & hilly run, but as always, company made it more than bearable. Best way to start the day, and a hot shower felt amazing when I got home.

After warming up, re-fueling and running some errands, I tackled the first items on my Christmas “baking” list (though both of these items were no-bake.) I made Cake Batter Chocolate Bark and Mom’s recipe for peanut butter balls.

YUM! These were promptly stored in the freezer so I would keep my paws out of them… except for an obligatory taste test of course! They are safe for sharing over the holidays!

Then I relaxed on the couch (and started working on this post) while hubs got busy on dinner.

Pretty much a perfect weekend.


So here’s how my first HBBC week went down. I’m also updating a breakdown of my points earned daily on my Community page.

Nov 19 – 25
19th: run 12.7 miles (12.7)
20th: run 3.1 miles (3.1)
21st: 0 (sick)
22nd: run 5.1 miles (5.1) + bike 12.5 miles (2.5) + F/V* (1)
23rd: run 10.2 miles (10.2) + swim 60 minutes (6) + F/V (1)
24th: run 6.2 miles (6.2) 
25th: run 3.4 miles (3.4) + swim 75 minutes (7.5) + F/V (1)
=59.7 points

*F/V denotes min. 7 servings of fruits & veggies

Happy Monday!


19 thoughts on “Weekend Recap & HBBC Week 1

  1. You make me feel soooooooooo lazy. You’ve been so active and even did some Christmas bakery and I did almost nothing (had to get over my cold).

    So great you were still be able to bike outside. It’s pretty good weather over here too. No signs of snow or temperatures below zero and I’m not complaining.

    Have a great week Marlene.

  2. I need to get working on a HBBC week 1 post. Darn this big girl job.

    Yummy baking or non baking is sooo fun. I did more than my share with long weekend and LOVED it!

  3. Nice job on the 3,000 yds! And the rest of the week wasn’t too shabby either! I’m thinking you’re gonna be at the the top of HBBC.

    Peanut butter balls! Could not have them in my house…

  4. 3000 meters… YOU GO GIRL!!!! How exciting! The picture is priceless.
    We are having a rainy day here today. Thankful it is an off day with some nice yoga.

    This was the first year I purchased bike winter pants. I did the tights for a while and they worked just fine. Smart thinking..and saves money.

    PLEASE send me some of those yummy treats. I beg you! :))))

  5. I swam a few short “laps” in the hotel pool with D (Only to realize I have awful form, he’s a great swimmer though) and I was Exhausted. So, yeah, 3000 meters? That’s like marathon status. 😉 NICE.

  6. Great job on the first week of HBBC! And you even had one day with no points! Looks like a great weekend – I am loving all this warmer weather! Definitely makes getting outside for a run easier! Maybe this year we wont get too much snow?!

  7. You had a rocking HBBC week!! Way to go! And sounds like you and hubs had nice weekend. I’m thinking I’m going to have to make that chocolate bark — it sounds soo good!!

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