Time for another round of food-gawking with WIAW hosted by Peas and Crayons.

Sunday’s Eats

  • tea and a bagel with White Chocolate Wonderful & Dark Chocolate Dreams before my long run
  • an assortment of Vega all-natural sports nutrition before, during & after the run
  • toasted egg & cheese sandwich with tomatoes, red peppers & hummus for lunch
  • apple, carrots, hard-boiled egg and clementines for snacking
  • spaghetti and meatballs for dinner
  • nibbles of Christmas goodies for dessert (taste-testing!)

What do you like to eat and drink to prepare for your long runs, keep energy up during the run and recover after?


20 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. I do lots of carbo loading in the week before an ultra. I eat more potatoes, and also pasta. Pasta the night before…always. I also eat a chocolate cake during the week leading up to the run. I eat a whole cake and choose the biggest one I can find or bake. Yep, I often bake my own chocolate cake for a major ultra.:) I should write a post about that!

  2. i love the weekends so you can make sure good food – the week days I usually end up throwing things together for breakfast and lunch. those christmas goodies look awesome! I need to get on my christmas baking!

  3. Love all that color!!

    I’m into yellow pepper on my sandwich lately. Somehow I think they taste sweeter.

    I rarely eat anything special before running. But after I often justify my indulgences based on how far/hard I ran! Bad habit…but yummy.

  4. Colorful plates!

    I always do toast + pb and a banana before LRs, and afterward is always totally different. usually a smoothie of sorts (unless I’m cold), and whatever my stomach craves for the rest of the day. 🙂

  5. looking forward to your vega reviews!! that’s what all those pouches are, right? i’ve read the book “thrive” and i’m super interested in their products…but they are super expensive.

  6. Er does 20km count as a long run? Anyway, I can’t eat anything before a run…or any workouts for that matter without puking. Sometimes even liquids e.g. coffee is unsettling. For runs/workouts beyond an hour, I have an isotonic drink midway.

  7. I only do a Gu before my longer Saturday run and chocolate milk after. When I get back to higher miles next year, I may be adjusting my nutrition.

    Between the HBBC and blog posts like this, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been switching out unhealthy snacks for more fruits and veggies lately and I’ve been loving it!

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