November 2011

Total Run Mileage: 270.2 KM (167.9 mi)

Highest Weekly Run Mileage: 68.6 KM (42.6 mi)

# Runs: 29

# [Run] Doubles: 5

Cycling Mileage: 132.4 KM (82.3 mi)

I’m using hubs’ road bike on the trainer right now
Good thing I have those reflectors on in the basement!

# Swims (Distance): 8 (15,350 m)

Races: 1 – Hamilton Half Marathon (pace bunny)


Favourite Run: an easy run with hubs on a perfect fall morning last weekend


Most Hardcore Run: last Sunday’s hellaciously hilly long run on a wet & windy morning. I’m not even in training right now!

Book of the Month: finally finished ‘Born to Run’ – I found it started really slowly but got better in the second half. Not a favourite, but glad I read it after hearing about it for so long.

Song of the Month: ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri (BDI soundtrack)

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: seeing the midnight screening of Breaking Dawn Part I… but I am not ashamed!

Obsession of the Month: Swiss Chalet Festive Special! Hubs and I will be enjoying it tonight – one of many December traditions and we looked forward to it all through November! It’s not Christmas without it.


 Indulgence of the Month: hot scented epsom salt baths with a book before bed – I’m addicted!

Drink of the Month: hot chocolate is the perfect before-bed treat to satisfy my sweet tooth and warm me up
Current Wish-List: I sent it to Santa
Current Need: new winter boots! I wore the same pair for years because I loved them but they were so worn out that I threw them away last spring so I would be forced to buy a new pair… well here we are in December and I just remembered! Doh!
Triumph of the Month: finally moving my blog over to WordPress with my very own domain – could not have done it without Kevin
 Current Bane of my Existence: blogger, after it made my blog go completely MIA without warning or explanation. good thing we won’t have to worry about that anymore!
Current Blessings: too many to name. looking at my calendar full of events for this upcoming month, I realize how truly fortunate I am to have the opportunity to celebrate the season with my family and friends.
Current Excitement: all things C H R I S T M A S

Kinder advent calendars

Current Goal: to stay active enough leading up to and through the holidays to offset holiday indulgences (thank you HBBC)
How was your month?
Happy December!

21 thoughts on “November 2011

  1. Great job keeping up with the cycling and swimming! I was loving the pool this summer, but have not been back in months… even though it’s heated, the pool at our Y is outside and I can’t bring myself to face the cold air. 🙂

  2. On the red and green comment – I just bought a red and a green sweater tonight! I am totally ready for Christmas! Great month of November! You killed it with all your runs! I so hope that December is just as awesome for you!

  3. Another wicked month. (see…I didn’t say awesome…)
    I really really wanted to like Twilight ’cause I like that kind of thing..I just didn’t.
    I am all over epsom salt baths right now. I have the extra large plastic jug size…

  4. I always love your month recaps. Another great month. That windy and rain run I had this morning, one of my hardest but best runs ever.

    I enjoy December a lot too, makes me want to stay home and cocoon and watch Christmas movies on TV.

    Here’s to a great month for you Marlene.

  5. I am SO excited about Christmas! I think we might finally start to decorate later today. I already wrapped a bunch of the gifts–I just couldn’t resist!

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