First Festive Weekend & HBBC Week 2

We kicked off our first weekend of December with plenty of festive fun!

Things started off on Friday with a trip to Swiss Chalet for the famous Festive Special.


Back at home it was time to slip into festive jammies and get busy decking our halls.


Saturday morning I headed out for a chilly & sunny run around the neighbourhood to start the day in the best way!

After that I headed over to our local Running Room to volunteer at the Santa Shuffle 5K. I put on my elf hat and brought my Vancouver 2010 Olympics cowbell to help direct the 1K kids fun run/walk. Santa participated too!

festice-wknd-019-150x150 festice-wknd-014-150x150 festice-wknd-013-150x150

Saturday afternoon we were invited to a Christmas party where I got to see my cousin and her family, who I have not seen in far too long! Unfortunately I forgot to take any picture,s except this one of the food table… but really, that’s what it’s all about, right? (Kidding.)


From there we made our way straight to my Mom’s to hang out with the family for dinner and tree-trimming.

the family tree is my favourite, with all of our decorations from over the years.

Sunday morning was a long run with the group as usual, followed by another family get-together with more good eats & laughs. Unfortunately no photos so you’ll have to take my word for it!

The best thing about this weekend is that it will be continuing for one more day; I have Monday off for an annual baking extravaganza with Mom. Our weekends are just too busy (as illustrated above!) so we had to set aside a week day. Bonus long weekend? Yes please! Stay tuned for pictures of our sumptuous treats.


HBBC Week 2: Nov 26 – Dec 2
26th: run 4.5 miles (4.5) + bike 15.5 miles (5) + F/V (1)
27th: run 13.2 miles (13.2) + F/V (1)
28th: bike 12.4 miles (4.1) + swim 60 minutes (6) + F/V (1)
29th: run 6.2 miles (6.2)
30th: run 9 miles (9) + swim 60 minutes (6) + F/V (1)
1st: run 4.5 miles (4.5) + bike 8.1 miles (2.7) + F/V (1)
2nd: run 6.2 miles (6.2)
=72.4 points


21 thoughts on “First Festive Weekend & HBBC Week 2

  1. No way, I’m first? 🙂

    The tree is gorgeous, love the blue lights! I love how much you love Christmas and get so excited about it. Enjoy the baking fest with your mom….I hope I have great memories like that with my kiddos. Oh, and I love that cute elf hat – too adorable on you :).

  2. Marlene what a fun and great weekend you had. I love all the trees in the pics. We’re buying our tree next Friday and looking at the pics, I can’t wait.

    Have fun today baking with your Mom.

  3. Great festive-y weekend! I decided not to do any baking this year. I just don’t have time and while my friends like it as I gave it all to them…they can just like me for other reasons now. 🙂

  4. i’ve been lazy. i need to hire someone to come deck my halls. ugh. i’m just so lazy lately and i hate it! need to bust out of this funk (but i’m too lazy). 🙂 all your tree trimmings look good.

    i like how your yard is snowy but your neighboUrs across the street are not.

  5. Beautiful tree! Nice recap of the weekend. Christmas will be here before we all know it 😉

    btw – send me some of those goodies…..

  6. Is that snow in the background of your run picture!!! Looks like you had a pretty fun weekend! That food spread looks delicious and I just had dinner! Yum! I love holiday parties! And I love your tree – saw that pic on facebook and was so jealous! our little tree looks so bare!

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  8. That Holiday Special picture is outrageous. And wonderful. I am LOVING preparing for Christmas this year and it puts a smile on my face to see other people getting into the spirit. We haven’t put our tree up yet, but soon.

  9. Nice way to spend a weekend. I’m a little jealous of the tree decorating. Our tree has been retired due to rat infestation and we’re waiting till the post-Christmas sales to buy a new one. Decorating trees certainly helps to get you in the Christmas mood.

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