Vega Sport Nutrition Review + Giveaway

Vega recently offered me the opportunity to try their new line of sport performance nutrition. I was eager to find out more about this all-natural and plant based line of supplements designed for use before, during and after a workout.


The Pre-Workout Energizer if a drink mix (available in lemon-line and acai berry), recommended to be consumed about 20 minutes before a workout. Its plant-based ingredients enhance performance by providing both instant (organic sprouted brown rice syrup) and slower-burning (organic palm nectar) carbohydrates to give you an instant kick, but also sustained energy.

Pro-Triathlete, Thrive author and Vega Ambassador Brendan Brazier recently wrote the following on the Vega Facebook Page: “I suggest training (long and slow) and utilize consumption of pre-workout nutrition that teaches your body to burn fat as fuel and preserve glycogen. Vega Sport Pre-workout energizer does this. Green tea, yerba mate, and coconut oil help to shift the bodies fuel source away from carbs to the action of burning fat as fuel more effectively.”

It was quick and easy to mix up in water and drink just before a run. This would be perfect for someone who has trouble with having food in their stomach, but needs something for a boost. I had good runs and no stomach troubles each time I used the Pre-Workout Energizer. I thought both flavours tasted a little on the bitter side, as opposed to the sweet and syrupy sports drinks that I’m used to.



The line includes an Electrolyte Hydrator (lemon-lime and pom-berry), Endurance Gel (orange zest and raspberry) and Endurance Bar (acai berry and mocha) to be consumed during a workout to keep your energy, electrolytes and hydration balanced from start to finish. 

I’ve used both on long runs without any issues. The hydrator reminded me a lot of nuun with both its taste and subtle fizz. It wasn’t very sweet and has zero calories, which I like because I find it easier to monitor my caloric intake on runs when it comes from gels alone.

The only thing I didn’t love about the endurance gel is that there is significantly more volume (for the same calories) compared to Gu gels, which I normally use (45 oz compared to 32 oz). This may not be an issue for everyone, but I prefer less quantity in a gel so I can get it down quickly and easily. That being said, I think it’s safe to say that this is a minor disadvantage compared to the advantage of being fructose- and maltodextrin-free.

Worth noting is that the Vega has the only gel on the market containing coconut oil, which is metabolized in the liver to provide instant, non-carbohydrate energy.

I don’t often eat solid food during a run, but the Endurance Bar went down easily on an indoor bike ride. The taste and texture of these bars remind me of Lara. They’re moist, soft and just sweet enough.



The Recovery Accelerator (tropical and apple-berry) should be consumed immediately after a workout and includes 23 synergistic plant-based ingredients (such as glucosamine, MacaSure, American ginseng) to jump start recovery. Performance Protein (vanilla, chocolate and berry) is a powder that can be mixed with water or into a smoothie and is recommended for 30-90 minutes after a workout to repair and rebuild muscles (26g protein). The Protein Bar (chocolate-coconut and chocolate-saviseed) can be enjoyed after training or anytime to supplement your protein needs (15g).

I think we all know how important it is to refuel as soon as possible with the proper nutrition in order to recover. This is when we reap the benefits of the workout we’ve just completed and inevitably get stronger. The Recovery Accelerator is perfect because it is easily portable and mixed wirth water to consume immediately. I often run from different locations and by the time we chat, stretch and mill about afterwards, it can easily be 30+ minutes before I get home to access my kitchen. I can stash this pouch easily in my car or pocket so I’m not depriving my body of the quick refueling nutrition it needs during that time.

The Performance Protein and/or Protein Bar can then be consumed later when you have the time and stomach for more solid/heavy nutrition. I mixed my protein powder up in a smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit for some extra oomph.

A unique component of both the Performance Protein and Protein Bar is SaviSeed (sacha inchi) protein, which is a source of tryptophan, a key player in seratonin (ie. feel-good hormone) production – thus supporting recovery of the mind as well as the body.

Overall I would definitely give the Vega line two-thumbs for any endurance athlete who is looking for clean and complete sports nutrition. Thank you for this opportunity!


Vega is generously offering up a tub of the Pre-Workout Energizer (your choice of flavour) to one lucky reader. To enter (separate comments not required):

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Giveaway closes Tuesday, December 13th.


67 thoughts on “Vega Sport Nutrition Review + Giveaway

  1. Ooh this looks wonderful! I follow you , I like you and vega on facebook and follow both you and vega on twitter!

    I was really suprised that the Vega has the only gel on the market containing coconut oil, which is metabolized in the liver to provide instant, non-carbohydrate energy.

    I would probably choose the acai-berry…but I also love lemon lime…I’d go lemon lime 🙂

  2. I just liked for FB, I already follow you on twitter, acai berry would be my flavor, I just updated your web link on my blog sidebar… and I also commented on your last post 😉

    Thanks for the complete review!

  3. What interests me most about Vega products is that they are completely plant-based and formulated to NOURISH the body as it fuels it. Too many athletes don’t realize how important proper nutrition is in aiding performance. Vega helps to educate and narrow that gap.

    If I won the Pre-Workout Energizer I would choose Acai-Berry!

  4. Thanks for this reveiw – I Love that Vega is plant based- it is not easy to find all-natural options in gels and protein bars– I make a lot of my own bars and fuel, but there’s not always time for that! The chocolate coconut (protein bar) is the flavor that stood out to me! I’ve linked you to my sidebar, too.

  5. I like Brendan and his Vega philosophy that all natural fuels are the way to go when exercising. I have tried some of his products but not these new line and would love to give it a try, especially the pre-workout energizer since sometimes all I need is the burst of energy to get myself started and have a great workout!

    I would choose the Acai-berry flavor!

  6. I like your FB page as well as Vega’s.
    I follow both of you on Twitter.
    I follow
    I love the Vega line. The only thing I haven’t tried yet are the bars…but can’t wait.
    Right now the pre-workout energizer is my fav and makes a difference..

  7. I follow your blog, I follow you on FB, I follow you and vega on twitter.

    I think i’d pick lemon lime.

    The bars I find quite interesting- I might pick one up to see what greens in bars taste like (I’ve noticed the non-sports suff at my local Pharmaprix (or Shoppers Drug Mart for the non-Quebecers 😉

  8. -I am now following your blog.
    -I *liked* you on Facebook.
    -I already *liked* Vega on Facebook.
    -I now follow you on Twitter.
    -I already followed Vega on Twitter.
    -As a vegan, what interests me most about Vega is the fact that I never have to worry about what I’m ingesting when I use any of their products.
    -Love the lemon/lime flavor.

  9. If and when I run a marathon I know that fueling will be important so I have been paying attention to what you have been doing for a while now so I will know what to try! I am a follower!

  10. I love the Pre-workout Energizer. I have struggled to be continually motivated to work out daily. Knowing that exercise is the only thing that keeps my weight down and mood and energy level elevated, I needed to find something natural and suitable for a vegan. This drink gives me everything I need to keep on the right exercise path, I love it!! The Lemon-lime is the best…I would hate to live without this product.

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  12. So many things interest me about this… whole natural foods … Canadian so available to me! … and there are recipes and suggested usages too. Love it.

  13. I’m following & liking everything that you asked, some before today even. 😉

    What most interests me about Vega is the fact that they are plant based. As a vegetarian it’s nice not to have to read the ingredients before trying something. I’m also a fruit punch junkie!

  14. the one that that really interests me about Vega is that it is built for Vegan Athletes. This completely shows that it can be done!

  15. Great review, Marlene! I’m now following you on GFC and Twitter, and I like your FB page. I also liked Vega’s FB page and followed them on Twitter. The thing that interests me the most is that their products natural, plant-based. If I won, I think I’d like to try the Acai Berry flavor.

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  17. I just followed you with GFC (was following you in google reader before that)
    I like you on Facebook.
    I like Vega on Facebook.
    Just sent you a twitter follower request.

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  19. the pre-workout energy does work great for me… too bad my asthma gets in the way when the rest of the body is willing. the endurance gel isn’t bad….it seems to have a gritty texture, which I don’t mind. the performance protein in vanilla is downright horrible to drink though, basically don’t think, then chug. though I do wish the hydrator came in the big tubs also. I am almost converted over from Hammer Nutrition to Vega Sport…. sometimes I need that apple pie gel….

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