What I Ate Wednesday

I was too busy working on my Vega Review & Giveaway to prepare for WIAW this week, so it’s coming to you a little bit late but here is what I actually ate on Wednesday (today).

WIAW-002-300x224 WIAW-003-150x150 WIAW-005-150x150 WIAW-004-300x224 WIAW-006-150x150 WIAW-007-150x150 WIAW-008-150x150 WIAW-009-300x224 WIAW-011-240x300

  • breakfast: muesli pita and tea
  • snacks: apple, hardboiled egg white & 2 clementines
  • lunch: spinach salad with hardboiled egg, almonds & poppyseed dressing
  • snacks: grapes, carrots with roasted red pepper hummus, diet coke
  • dinner: bagel with cream cheese & cucumber slices, noodle soups
  • snack: slice of toast and hot chocolate

What did you eat on Wednesday? Do you snack as much as I do??


27 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I’m snacky…more so when I am in the office and at my desk. NOT a good thing as I know a lot of the time it is boredom eating.
    Hence why there are so many carrot sticks at my desk….

  2. Here you are, back on my reading list! What a great day of eats you had yesterday. Yes, I am a snacker, although I have reeled it in a bit this year, trying to make sure I only eat when really, truly hungry.

    • I had been seriously wondering why comments were so low lately. Duhhhh. Missed one crucial step in the switch. Kevin saved me once again. 🙂 Thanks for noticing and letting me know!!!

    • I should probably disclose that I normally eat more… aiming for more of a deficit right now while I’m not in official training to hopefully shed a few before the holidays. But I am hungry A LOT.

  3. It all looks so healthy and delish! One of these days I’ll actually do a WIAW and the whole of the blogoshpere can be appalled at what I consume in a day.

  4. I have been slacking on my snacks lately – partially because of work and partially because I just have not been as hungry lately. Maybe its the lack of running…who knows! Great eats!

  5. You sure are getting in those fruits and vegs!! Is that the HBBC or is that a normal dose? I always struggle in that area! When I was at work I’m usually a big snacker, but now that I’m not working I’ve noticed I just usually eat whenever I’m hungry, which ends up being around breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • I do eat a lot of fruits & veggies normally so this is pretty standard, although with HBBC I focus on it even more to make sure I am getting a minimum 7 most days. Plus I tend to eat more health-consciously on days where I am taking pictures! lol

  6. I am a snack monster. I start each and every day with good intentions and I get all my fruit & veggies ready {cleaned, peeled, chopped/cut} and I do really good until the afternoon then I always crave some type of starchy or salty snack.

    I think it would be fun to do a WIAW post sometime. But I’d have to remember to take the photos first 🙂 LOL

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