Festive Foto Friday

Here’s what a solid afternoon of baking looks like (this is just my half of the haul):


Clockwise from top left: Kris Kringle Cookies (with pecans, cranberries and white chocolate), Peanut Butter Blossoms, Holiday Monster Cookies (with peanut butter, oatmeal, M&Ms), Toblerone Fudge, Spiced Krinkle Cookies, Iced Sugar Cookies 

And for good measure because iloveitsomuch!!! … Oh Christmas Tree!


Tomorrow is my annual girls’ “gingerbread house decorating party” … a.k.a. an excuse to eat candy and gossip all night!

Have a great weekend! 16 sleeps til Christmas!


21 thoughts on “Festive Foto Friday

  1. 16 sleeps! i still need to start my shopping!!! i haven’t even begun to think of what i will buy myself 😉

    your tree went on a diet. feed it some of them delicious cookies!

    • HA HA HA! I was thinking that the tree I get is always a bell with a huge bottom and not skinny like Marlene’s.

      By the way Marlene I am shipping you some Arctic Ease so that you can mail me some of those cookies. You palette has been tainted and you need a taste tester for them I do believe.

  2. AHHH Tonight is my first annual Girls Chirstmas cookie exchange party! Sounds like we both are going to have fun Friday nights! hopefully i can stay up late and not be lame and get all tired!! Hope you have tons of fun with all the girls!

  3. I just made blossoms last weekend. I’m not really celebrating christmas this year. We’re not buying presents or anything. We should be getting our house the day after. So, I have my own count down. I’m living christmas through you guys this year!

  4. THAT is a ton of good sugar! My friends and I are getting together next week for a run through some great light displays then back to someone’s house for cookie exchanging, wine, and yes, gossip! Enjoy yours.

  5. I love how you’re able to have equal ornament distribution on your tree! Because of Norah, ours is a lopsided mess! Oh well, she’s cute; that’s supposed to make up for the maimed and broken ornaments.

  6. I’m pretty sure my pancreas screamed when I looked at that first picture. But man oh man, am I jealous! We put our tree up today and I can’t WAIT for baking to commence! I bought all the ingredients for mint chocolate chip cheesecake already. Mmmmm. 🙂

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