Three Things Thursday

1. Clumsy

In my five years of running, I have never fallen during a run. Until this week. On Monday night I was out for a short run with a couple of swim friends before hitting the pool and I totally went down. I can’t even blame the ice because the road was clear! My foot hit a manhole cover or something and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I managed to maneuver into a roll on my side so damage was minimal – just a bruise on my hip and ego. The girls gave me a 10/10 for my fall technique. 🙂

Then yesterday I was out for a rainy evening run with the hubs and less than 1K into the run, the sidewalk jumped up at me I tripped on a rise in the sidewalk.  Down I went again, landing on my side and then rolling onto my back. This time I just laid there – in a puddle – cursing and baffled, until hubs dragged me up. Two falls in three days? What has gotten in to me!

Hopefully third time will not be the charm.

2. Fashionable

Heading to the pool on a cold, dark, damp evening after already letting myself get cozy on the couch after work is not always the easiest thing to do. I generally bundle up in a random assortment of warm clothes, and come home looking somewhat ridiculous:

WIAW-010Quick, somebody call What Not to Wear!

3. Festive

162949_10150362082055454_644290453_16290069_32599_n-300x225This weekend is the last one before Christmas! Aside from finishing off the shopping (just a few more gifts to buy!), we have our first (of three) turkey dinners planned with my father-in-law and the gang for Saturday. Then Sunday is our annual Christmas “Runch” with the running group where we get all decked out in festive costumes for a long run, followed by a scrumptious potluck brunch and Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s pretty much the best thing ever – especially all the waves and honks we get from traffic as we parade through town.

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

10 sleeps til Christmas!


29 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Welcome to my world. I have yet to trip this run session (touch wood…) but have a huge bruise from walking into a weight machine at the gym. Yes..I am awesome.
    We are doing our Christmas run this weekend as well. Jingle Bells and Santa hats for all!
    ..and bagels post run…

  2. I’ve had great fall when I was training for my first marathon. There was blood and everything! I’m glad you weren’t hurt too bad for either of them. I think the fall reminded me to be a little more aware of where I was stepping. Which is probably good, because then I’m more intune to my overall running form. Your run sounds like its going to be fun! I’ve got my outfit all picked out for my xmas run this weekend too. I can’t wait to see what your outfit looks like. You always have the most festive ones!

  3. im also so clumsy.
    I have a hallway table and have to walk by it everytime i go to the bathroom from the living room…..and 8 out of 10 times i will bump it!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Welcome to my world – I fall all the freaking time. It usually involves a dog or a trail though. Fell again today when the dog tripped me…again! Have fun at the Christmas run – looks like a blast!

  5. I have had my share of clumsy falls like that over the years. Always feel so silly! And lucky when there’s no real damage.

    Your runch sounds like fun! Tonight my friends and I are running through lots of festive neighborhoods and then finishing off w/ cookies (and wine!).

  6. Oh man when I used to go to the pool, I would always come home looking silly cause I would bundle myself up in so many clothes! I hate being cold after swimming! Have fun this weekend on your Runch! I wish our club did that but we usually take a break in December.

  7. I am so under prepared for the holiday. I hope I can pull it together in time! I need kid-free-off-big-girl-job time…soon.

    I love that Runch photo. I want my spare local runners to do that! I better get busy on FB! Great idea!

    Hey, watch your feet! 😉

  8. Obviously your running style has become so efficient that you only lift your feet up just enough to clear the ground – which is a lot less successful when the ground is uneven. Hope your bruises heal quickly and your ego even quicker.

  9. well we always knew you were fashionable with your frequent trips to the goodwill. i think you should have a one month (ok, week) challenge where you wear only goodwill purchases! 😉

  10. OUCH! Sorry you fell, but MAN, 5 years without a fall??? That’s impressive. As I type this I think I’m dooming myself to brody in front of strangers next run….

  11. I would say: no more running this week. It’s obvious not your running week 🙂

    I love the idea for the Christmas party with your running group. Sounds like such a fun event.

    Have a great weekend with the festivities.

  12. Oh no, I’m so sorry. Falling during a run is the WORST. I still have a scar on my hand from when I fell a year and a half ago. Good job on the graceful landing!

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