Taking it Down a Notch

I’ve stepped up my workouts in a big way over the last few weeks in an effort to (a) rack up HBBC points and (b) beat the holiday bulge as I continue to indulge.

Untitled4 Untitled3 Untitled2 Untitled1Weeks like this, with up to 6 days of running, 3 swims and 3 bike rides, give me confidence that I will be ready to tackle 70.3 training next year.

That being said, I have perhaps gotten a tad carried away. While I’ve had plenty of “easy” days, you may notice that my last complete rest day was exactly one month ago on November 21st. Whoops! This may have finally caught up to me as I find myself battling a cold just days before my holidays begin. Ugh.

I know when it’s time to take it down a notch in order to get/stay healthy and that’s what I am doing – the timing works out perfectly with Christmas this weekend and 10 days off work. I will be taking it easy, enjoying some much-needed down time. Cutting back on workouts also gives me a lot more free time this week to get all the last minute tasks accomplished without the stress.

My HBBC standing is going to plummet (buh-bye top 3!), but health comes first – you see, I have something very important to start training for in January!

Boston1-193x3004 sleeps til Christmas!

117 sleeps til Boston!


31 thoughts on “Taking it Down a Notch

  1. Enjoy your much deserved rest day!! And hope the cold is gone before the big day in 4 days! You are just so freaking awesome. Seriously! LOVED seeing your before and after pic on FB just now!

  2. Yikes, thats what my daily mile looked like in the PEAK of 70.3 training. Definitely take a break, get well and enjoy the season a little. Marathon training will be here soon and you’ll appreciate the breather.

  3. Absolutley incredible training, Marlene! I can not wait to watch you prepare for Boston. You are an extraordinary person! Have a very merry Christmas my friend!!

  4. Ugg I hate being sick – hope you feel 100% better soon!

    IT is great that you now have the confidence that you can tackle 70.3 training with no problem! I can’t wait for you to start training! I don’t want to fall out of top three in HBBC 😦 but getting healthy is more important than HBBC! I have to remind myself of that sometimes too!

  5. Wow seeing it all listed together that is insane! No wonder you are racking up those points! But I sorta understand the burn out. Last Saturday I accidentally slept in….until almost noon. I.never.sleep.in I must have been tired. Step back next week.
    Enjoy the holiday!

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