These are a few of my FAV-OR-ITE things…

‘Tis the season to share wish lists… fa la la la la, la la la la! Okay so I know I am probably too late, but I still thought it would be fun to share some of the goodies that I love to find wrapped up under my Christmas tree!

Hubs and I have started a tradition of exchanging tree ornaments each year and my Mom often gets us one too. The first year that we were married and had a tree, it was very “Martha Stewart” with matchy-matchy ornaments only. I liked it at the time, but now I enjoy having a tree decorated with much more personality and stories behind the ornaments.

weekend-007-300x262 weekend-001-225x300

Who doesn’t love gift cards? I was spoiled last year and treated to quite the shopping spree after the holidays.

Christmas-001a-300x225Everyone knows that there is no guilt involved in treats that are gifts, so these are always at the top of my list.

shoes-004-300x225Speaking of gift cards and treats, one of my bosses gave me both as an early gift this week:

That’s a 2.5 kg wine-pairing chocolate bar slab. I think I’ll share this one over the holidays; we’re going to need a lot of wine!

Other favourites include: cozy socks, slippers and bath goodies!

And, of course, anything training-related is always most appreciated. We picked these up for me last night – my first pair of cycling shoes – but hubs is still going to wrap them up for me. 🙂 I guess it’s about time I graduated from the cages I’ve been using.

shoes-006-300x225 I also have my eye on…product_detailed_image_30547_464-300x105 catalyst_paddle_1-300x300 LW5221S_0001_1-241x300 garmin-910xt-2-300x240

What are you wishing for?

Today is my last [partial] day of work until January 3rd and I can’t wait to get these holidays started! I’m going for my annual hair-chop this afternoon and then we kick it off with my work party tonight. Tomorrow morning will be a long(ish) run with the posse (that could be interesting – see last year’s ‘morning-after’ photo below) and then we have a few days of family fun & festivities lined up.

165569_10150365919810454_644290453_16359642_3379624_n-225x300Merry Christmas to all! I’ll be checking in next week.


31 thoughts on “These are a few of my FAV-OR-ITE things…

  1. It’s starting to look like the 910 might be more suitable as an Easter gift. 😦 I want it too.

    Santa brought me a treadmill last week, so there won’t be much more under the tree. I’ve got some similar wants right now, including the fins and paddles.

    You going to learn the flying mount in those shoes?

    • Score on the treadmill!

      I actually probably won’t upgrade the Garmin til my 205 craps out… but it’s fun to dream. 🙂

      Hahaha no intentions of any flying mounting… for the few seconds it will save, it’s not worth risking an epic disaster. LOL! But who knows?!

  2. I bought those Lulu pants for myself the other day with some of my Christmas bonus money from work. I haven’t had the chance to run in them yet but they are super comfy!

    • Blog Momma, love it. 🙂

      I’ll only use them at Masters when we’re instructed to.

      Someone almost took me out with a pair at public swim a while back. :S

  3. I use to have the matchy ornament tree and then it got too exhausting trying to keep the children from putting on the 3rd baseball glove or baseball bat of dad’s …ugh…I have now decided my FAV ornaments are the home made ones from the kiddos!!! So we have a “home made” tree and a “OTHER/odd and ends” tree.

    Love the hair photo…;-)

  4. Merry Christmas! I love that you and hubbs exchange ornaments. Every year, my mom buys my boys a LENNOX ornament and we have one for each year since they were born. This year, we picked up ornaments from all of the places we visited. It’s fun looking at the tree and thinking of the “story” that goes with the ornament.
    Can I come to your house for Christmas? I love your wish list!

  5. Merry Christmas!! I love the ornament idea! I wanted to do something like that with Brian but we didn’t really have time 😦

    Hope you have a great run tomorrow and enjoy Christmas with your family!

  6. If you can top that pic, I’ll send you a prize! ; )

    Love the wine/chocolate pairings. What more do you need in life? Oh yes, some of that great training schwag. And I love the cycling shoes–have fun w/ them!

  7. Nice shoes! They will make a difference cycling for sure, enjoy. I love the pants you posted they look so comfy. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

  8. Highest on my wish list is a rumble roller to replace my old foam one. It’ll be so nice to start the year with a nightly torture session on it. (I’m assuming that Santa thought I was good enough). Barring that, I wouldn’t mind a gift card from my favourite book store.

  9. uh-oh my friend……the female version is being built as I have those exact cycling shoes……BUT I will never ever have hair like that again as it is thinning out and I would have to let this grow out for ages.

    Merry Christmas to you and the hubs. I hope its a great day for you and the family.

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