A Christmas Surprise

I have a confession to make: I’ve been keeping a secret. A big secret.

As many of you know, hubs and I both qualified for Boston at the same race back in May. It was an accomplishment made one hundred times greater since we were able to share it.

engraved_002-300x225I didn’t have much confidence that our qualifying times would be “good enough” to earn spots in Boston 2012 with the new rolling registration process, so I was blown away when I received the good news in September.

Untitled5Unfortunately we soon received notice that hubs had not gotten in with his 3:09:18 finish time. It was bittersweet and hard to be excited when I knew how devastated he was. The weeks passed and we came to terms with the fact that we would not be able to run our first Boston together. We planned our trip and hubs was nothing but supportive all along.

And then one day in November out of the blue, two of my friends came through for me with an amazing opportunity. One of the ladies that we run with works for Adidas and got her hands on an Invitational Entry for Boston 2012. It was originally intended for one of our other friends, who generously and selflessly offered it to me for hubs instead. The pieces came together over a couple of days — with a lot of sneaky behaviour on my part! — and soon I had that entry form in my hot little hands.

I was bursting at the seams with excitement and wanted to scream it from the rooftops, but managed to keep it quiet and told only a select few people. I decided that this would make the perfect Christmas surprise, though I had no idea how I would keep the secret for over a month. After sending in the completed forms, it was time to play the waiting game… ever so (im)patiently watching my email.

It finally arrived and his name appeared in the entry list online. It was official!

EntryList-300x128I confiscated hubs’ key mail key to ensure that he didn’t find the official confirmation card. I checked the mail box every single day, hoping it would arrive in time to wrap up – it ended up in the mailbox on December 23rd, the very last possible day!

secret-004-300x224I wrapped it up inside a gigantic chocolate bar (ironic?) and had to wait until Christmas morning.

Christmas-027-300x225I made sure it was his last gift and asked my sister to “discreetly” catch it on camera even though she didn’t know what it was. (Turns out we weren’t so discreet, but he still had no clue what was going on.)

Surprised and shocked would be an understatement to describe his reaction. Hubs was pretty much speechless until later once it had sunk in.

MarkI can still hardly believe that we will get to share this experience afterall. Neither of us could ask for a greater gift and we are forever grateful to wonderful friends who helped make this dream come true.

Christmas-016-300x225It’s nice to see two “golden tickets” hanging on the fridge now:

boxing-day-007-225x300111 sleeps til OUR FIRST BOSTON!


60 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise

  1. AHHHH I saw this on facebook and wondered how you pulled this off! That is so wonderful and I could not be happier for you both! I am so excited for you!

  2. I saw you post this on FB but thought I’d wait to read the whole story until I commented. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This is the MOST AMAZING surprise EVER!!!!! I am so happy for you two!!! !!! 🙂

  3. Aw, I love this!!! We too have 2 golden tickets hanging on our fridge for April 16th and would’ve been so disappointed if only one of us had been accepted. What great friends you have to help this happen for you. Happy 111 sleeps….and see ya in Boston!

  4. so awesome, that had to be THE BEST christmas surprise he has ever gotten. you get so many gold stars for that! so happy you both get to revel in BOSTON together, enjoy! and happy training!

  5. What an absolutely incredible Christmas surprise! I have no idea how you kept that quiet for over a month. Amazing!! What an incredible experience this will be for you guys. (yes, I’m slooooowly starting to get caught up on blogs again!)

  6. Seriously, that is one of the most amazing gifts I’ve heard of!!!! My jaw is still on the ground that your hubs can run a 3:09. How completely amazing that you will both run Boston. So happy for you both!

  7. Wow! What a perfect Christmas gift! Wife of the year, without a doubt! This post made my day.

    Is the “hand-holding” photo finish going to make reappearance at the Boston finish line?

    Where on earth did you find such a HUGE chocolate bar?! I guess that is the size of chocolate that goes with those giant costco tubs of peanut butter?!

  8. LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!

    Quick question about Boston registration…..

    If my qualifying time is 3:35 and I ran a 3:30:41 and my friend ran a 3:34:35, do she and I have equal chances of getting in??? My friend and I both qualified and I really really want to run Boston with her and I want to see if we both have a chance of getting in for Boston 2013.

    Can you e-mail me at katherine.hopper@gmail.com or comment on my blog to let me know if you know the answer to this, based on your experience of registering? The website says they do 5 minute increments, which makes me think we’d have the same chance.

    Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!

    • Hi Katherine. If your friend’s qualifying time is 3:35 also, then you will both have the opportunity to register at the same time however you will have a better chance at getting in since: “Those who are the fastest among the pool of applicants in their age and gender will be accepted.”

      My husband and I both qualified within that 5 minute window, but I got in and he didn’t because I had qualified by a larger margin.

      I hope that makes sense?

      GOOD LUCK to you both!

  9. I’m emotional now after reading this. What a great gift, you have made him so happy. And it’s going to be so special you will be running your first Boston together. I look forward to follow your way to Boston next year.

    I don’t think I could have kept it a secret for a month though.

  10. That is an AMAZING gift! I can imagine your excitement and struggle to keep the secret– how fun! I love that you both run together… my husband will run with me occasionally, but prefers running when it involves chasing a soccer ball or basketball… what a great hobby to share together!

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