Bringing Home Baby

Trek-005-300x225It’s been a couple months since I ordered my shiny new toy, but she is finally home! I imagine this is what it feels like to drive home from the hospital with a new baby. Okay, maybe not quite – but I was looking into the backseat with every bump and turn to make sure she was alright. 🙂

Happy Birthday / Christmas / New Year / Valentine’s Day / St. Patrick’s Day / Easter / Thanksgiving / etc. to me!


Hello Beautiful!

Trek-007-300x225Figures that we have long snowy months ahead and no opportunity to take her for a spin;  although we did take a short ride through the living room:


For now we are just getting to know one another…

Trek-009-300x219I hope hubs isn’t too jealous…


We’ve been enjoying some time off work and trying not to spend too much time on the computer, which unfortunately means I am way behind on your blogs. I will catch up soon! In the meantime, I hope everybody is having a lovely holiday!


23 thoughts on “Bringing Home Baby

  1. She is real preeetttty! Brian always says that the big gifts he gets for me are my birthday/christmas/anniversary gifts! He tries to roll them all into one! I love how you rode her around the house! I can see myself doing that too!

  2. You’re going to need some big, fat snow tires on that baby if you plan to ride it in your weather right now!! 😉 Congrats on the little bundle of joy!

  3. I’m feeling a little sad for your other previous love. Remember the green one? Your firstborn. I hope there’s no sibling rivalry or you might find baby #2 being pushed out the window from a great height.

  4. Great bike Marlene. That last pic with you in the bed is hilarious.

    Don’t worry about being behind. I’m having the week off and I log in once a day for no more than 30 to 60 minutes and read blogs. Besides that I stay away from the computer too.

  5. Hah, she is a beauty!!! 🙂 I can’t believe it took so long to get her, but well worth the wait!

    Enjoy that time off the comp – I’ve been doing the same, and its such a nice break! Like, oh yeah…at one point in my life I didn’t stare at a screen for so many hours per day…. 😉 Happy New Year!

  6. Too funny Marlene! My favorite was the photo with your bike in your bed with you! 🙂 Hoping those living room ride arounds get you through until the snow goes away!!

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