December 2011

One final monthly recap to close out 2011…

Total Run Mileage: 229.6 KM (142.7 mi)

boxing-day-004-225x300Highest Weekly Run Mileage: 74.8 KM (46.5 mi)

# Runs: 26

# [Run] Doubles: 3

Cycling Mileage: 203.7 KM (126.6 mi)

SSPX02131-225x300# Swims (Distance): 8 (16,900m)

Races: none this month

Favourite Run: annual Santa “Runch” (run/brunch) with the running posse 

RUNch-004-223x300 Most Hardcore Run: Christmas morning run with hubs and two of our friends… hardcore only because it was Christmas day and followed several mimosas *burp*

Christmas-024-300x225Book of the Month: I’m re-reading the Twilight Series… currently on New Moon. Don’t judge.

Song of the Month: any and all Christmas carols! I enjoyed one of our local stations that played exclusively Christmas music all month long. I’ve had enough for one year now!

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: see above “book of the month”

Obsession of the Month: duh, all things CHRISTMAS

festive-0021-175x300Indulgence of the Month: where do I begin?! It feels like it’s been a non-stop food & drink fest for weeks. I will be eating a lot of lettuce next month.

Drink of the Month: mostly wine


Current Wish-List: a happy and healthy new year for all of my friends and family – what more could I ask for right now?
Current Need: to get back into my usual routine, although I have thoroughly enjoyed this vacation from work… and training.
Triumph of the Month: securing a Boston 2012 entry for hubs and surprising him for Christmas!
Current Bane of my Existence: my expanding waist-line (see above “indulgence”) 
Current Blessings: too many to name – I am so grateful for everything I have and all of the wonderful people in my life.
Current Excitement: my shiny new baby toy
Trek-0051-300x225Current Goal: to enjoy all that 2012 has to offer; I have so much to look forward to including many new experiences. We’ll get to some specific goals later, but the primary goal is to live it up!

19 thoughts on “December 2011

  1. Happy New Year Marlene. I just know that 2012 is going to be another stellar year for you and you’ll continue to amaze and inspire us with your athletic endeavours.

  2. I’m ready to get back to normal eating, too. I just feel gross! Good for you for thoroughly enjoying the training break, that’s what it’s for! And don’t sweat the waistline–you still look amazing and your regular routine will take care of any extra pounds in no time. Happy new year!

  3. The extra holiday pounds are bothering me too! Even with all the HBBC stuff I still feel like i am eating too much! Just hope I fit into my work pants this week! Great job on December!

  4. Downtime is so necessary from time to time. I’m glad you got to enjoy some indulgences this month. Not to fear–all that Boston training will more than make up for it!

  5. Happy New Year!!!!! Yay, I get to meet you this year! 🙂 I love the Twilight Saga! I just wish it wasn’t so G rated hehe. Your bike is a beauty! you were already crazy fast on your hybrid bike so i can only imagine how fast you’ll be on this one! Happy new year!!

  6. I would never judge you on reading Twilight because I love the books too. I’ve read them twice so far and probably will read them this year again.

    Great month it was Marlene. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for you.

    Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year and congrats on a great running year. I’m looking forward to following the victory lap in Boston and am very happy you’re both in. I see that because my daughter goes to school in Boston that I as a parent am eligible to join their school Boston Marathon team as long as I raise not less than $x-waddya think-is it cool to do Boston without a qualifying time? I would do it in 2013 if I do it at all.

  8. I love that you got your husband a Boston entry and surprised him with it, so so awesome!!! Looks like a great December and here’s to a great new year 🙂

  9. I like that dress! Did you post full pics of it?

    I dislike that this makes me write in my name, email etc. each comment I make. It’s like word verification. Is there a way to make it save?

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