Foto Friday – Holiday Leftovers

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front this week – I’d like to say it’s because I’m getting back into the swing of things with my regular routine of work, training, reality…. unfortunately it’s because I have been laid up with a cold and lacking motivation to do anything beyond survival. I can’t remember the last time a “cold” knocked me down so hard for so long.So much for my first week of Boston training…. but I will get to that in my Week 1 recap on Monday.

For now, some filler/random/leftover photos from over the holidays yet to be featured.

Fun at the office holiday party:

DSC00869-204x300 409207_10151136622485454_644290453_22358300_1050980613_n-300x200 395825_10151136622380454_644290453_22358299_214631165_n-225x300Christmas tree at Mom’s on Christmas morning:

388165_10151097398670454_644290453_22144363_1304777206_n-225x300 Christmas mimosas:

393619_10151097399575454_644290453_22144374_887718277_n-225x300 Post-mimosa Christmas morning run:

387570_10151097399780454_644290453_22144377_175652696_n1-225x300with Hubs in shorts and giant mittens:
he held off on wearing pants until 2012, including one snowy, blustery -10C(14F) in shorts!

401010_10151097399920454_644290453_22144379_202829418_n-225x300 my Christmas loot:

393949_10151097400820454_644290453_22144388_1047709469_n-300x225we made a snowman… but then it got too warm:

399547_10151121365555454_644290453_22274091_370724903_n-225x300we had too much fun with a new Wii game (Just Dance 3):

402044_10151120638925454_644290453_22267073_1162830397_n-300x225 Cheers!

404522_10151120639265454_644290453_22267077_956881848_n-300x225I hope everyone has had a better start to the new year than me. Stay healthy!

26 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Holiday Leftovers

  1. Hope you feel better – my running buddy came down with some flu type thing this week and was knocked out for two days basically! Hopefully next week will be better! Great photos!

  2. Get better soon! Don’t worry about racking up the mileage just yet, you have a strong and sturdy base, just work on being able to breathe!

    (love the pictures, awesome recap).

  3. Feel better…but know you aren’t alone. Half the people I know are brutally sick and I am eating ColdFx and oil of oregano like it is candy.
    Love the Dance pics!

    • No race is too short! I’ve actually never done this one, but I won’t be this year either… cutting down on the quantity of races this year since we have some big ones! ($$$)

  4. Love the purple dress! 🙂 And I especially love Hubbs in shorts! What a guy!
    Get well soon! Take it easy! In the spectrum of things, one week isn’t huge. 🙂 Counting down those days!

  5. Feel better soon! Looking forward to reading about your Boston training as you gear up for the race. Love Christmas mimosas and running 😉

  6. Hey friend! Hope you get to feeling better soon! You have such a great depth of fitness you will be fine. Loved the pics! Happiest New Year to you and Mark

  7. Ugh! Colds are the worst! Especially when they knock you down bad! I love all your holiday pictures- the dress you wore to your work party is beautiful.

  8. First of all —isn’t that dance game addicting?? I love love love it! Also, you look stunning in your christmas dress!! I’m sorry I’m a little late to commenting but better late than never right?! I’m glad to hear you had a great christmas and can’t wait to see how 2012 shapes up for you!!

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