WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

I’m finally back into the swing of things and it’s time for another round of What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Peas and Crayons.

 Monday’s eats:

eats-009-300x217 eats-010-225x300 SSPX0220-300x225 eats-002-300x226 eats-006-300x210

  • [instant] oatmeal for breakfast + (unpictured) greek yogurt
  • apple & hardboiled egg snack
  • ham sandwich on thin burger bun with pickles & mustard + veggies and hummus for lunch
  • half PB&J wrap before my ride
  • sauteed chicken breast, quinoa and brussels sprouts with salsa and parmesan for dinner
  • (unpictured) slice of bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams post-swim


I’m also going to introduce Weigh-In Wednesday (a la Studly Runner) this year as I work towards reaching my racing weight again. (I may have gotten a little carried away with off-season and holiday indulgences… whoops!) I would like to lose at least 10 and preferably 15 lbs before Boston. (which is in 95 days, but who’s counting?)

Week 1: -4.2 lbs [bloat much?]
Total: -4.2 lbs

Is anyone else hoping to lose weight before race season?
What are you eating?


37 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. Hard-boiled eggs have become one of my favorite snacks: I find them really filling!

    I too need to get down to race weight. I gained a few during my long layoff and thought it would magically disappear when I started running again. Instead I think I have increased calories and have gotten no where! It’s hard!

  2. I’m really working to drop the pounds this year. Last summer, I thought I’d have to give up performance by losing while training. Then in the fall, I decided to “sacrifice” performance in order to lose a few pounds. What followed was my best running yet. So, suffice it to say, I’m convinced that the weight loss makes a huge difference for me.

  3. So far, peanut butter on toast, banana, fibre yoghurt, coffee…hmmm coffee! Snack time, fruit and nut trail mix and hot water. This afternoon’s snack will be an apple…haven’t figured out dinner yet…maybe spinach, shrimp in an East Indian mixture with hummus.

    Yes, I’m on the weight loss thingy too…so far 4 lbs…whoot! Hmmmm, I’ll have to hard boil some eggs today..thanks for the reminder!

  4. Nice job on the good eats and weight lose.

    I am eating lots more protien than I am used to, fresh fruits, veggies, loads of water, sneaking in a little nutella, and yogurt. I’m hanging around a 3.5 lb loss so far but the energy drop has resulted in a few carb cheaps. Next week I step back my mileage and hopefully add Insanity and cross training in the mix. I’m hoping the lower miles will help and that mixing it up will kick a few pounds. 15 would be awesome. 20 would be amazing!

  5. Lose weight? No. Tone up? Absolutely.
    One of my favourite foods lately is chard. I like it in soups, I like it sautéed, if you get the baby stuff it is good in salads… YUM!

  6. I started lean-ing out pretty quickly when I went veg but it is at a standstill. I try to avoid the scale but in reality I do want to be down 10lbs for race day.
    …but I also don’t want to obsess about it…

  7. i started running this past year and lost15 lbs, with 15 more to go. to help with those last pesky 15, i decided to join weight watchers. so, basically, i’m eating a ton of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water. when i eat this way, (cleaner) my training runs feel way easier! i’m running my first half-marathon in april and am hoping to get those 15 lbs off by then and blaze through the race!

  8. ur foods look good! I like your dinner. i am trying to like brussel sprouts. i tried them roasted and boiled and sauteed. But i just cant get myself to like them.

    and good job on the 4.2 loss. u will achieve your goal 100%. i know it!

  9. I’m attempting to get rid of another 20 lbs (after loosing 20 post baby + Half training last year). So far, I’m down 5lbs of holiday gain! Amazing what the salty, booze-y bloat does!

    I’m actually documenting my food today for WIAW and will post later!

  10. I ran my first half Oct. 2011 lost 8 pounds…loved the feel of my clothes finally. However, with Halloween right around the corner plus, a sudden shock of my hubby’s brother getting cancer and dying 3 weeks later, all I did during the holidays was eat. I gained the 8 back and another 2!

    Yep 10 pounds in two months…now I am trying to lose it all before our next half on April 21st….

    It’s quite sad how easily it comes on and how long it takes to come off. ;-(

    • It’s tough with a goal race in October… losing motivation/will-power going into Halloween, and then Christmas right after!

      I’m so sorry about your brother-in-law. 😦 Condolences to the family.

      Good luck with the 10 lbs!

  11. I have 4-5 lbs. to go and they are going to put up a FIGHT! The weight does not bother me. I am looking to lean up and drop body fat this year.

    Sure that the adult beverages are NOT helping!!

  12. hahaha, I actually renamed my post today, as I did not know there was another weigh in wednesday. But, yeah, I am in process of losing weight, and with a blog, it’s great for accountability. I am just eating as healthy as I can and using common sense, and trying new stuff out. aiming to lose at least 27 pounds this year.

  13. I finally did wiaw last week, and decided to do it again today– last week it helped me eat really well, this week I kept adding in extra carb-y snacks, even though I’m running less in preparation for a race this weekend. I’m okay with my weight (ironically I lost a few while injured and doing cross training and now that I’m running again they, and my appetite, are back!), but would like to stay more balanced with weights and tone up.

  14. I have been eating horrible and I just cannot stop. Its like I lost all my will power lately. I would love to lose a few pounds to get back to the weight I was back in November. I don’t know exactly how much it is because our scale is wrong and says I weigh way more than I know I do!

  15. Really determined to lose the extra poundage to make my 2nd marathon a little easier. I find 10 lbs +/- makes a big difference in my running. Unfortunately, I’m more the + right now… so diet is ON like Donkey Kong!

  16. yes the new year was a clean slate to try and get rid of my treat happy holiday eating. I have about 5lbs, but more so bf% that i want to lower this year to hit my best. I know i can..but i am trying to figure out how to be more accountable

  17. I need to knock off a few pounds too, definitely at least 5, probably could stand to lose more. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar and on processed carbs and that’s slowly (very slowly) taking my weight down. Good luck with the plan!

  18. I gained about 15 in my running hiatus and it’s a nightmare getting it off (does not come off in my 40s like it once did). I think the wheat-free is going to help….if I just would stop eating an entire pan of wheat-free brownies :). Nice job on the loss, girl! Keep it up!

  19. Please hate me…but I need to put on some weight. There I said it! Having lunch now – peanut butter sandwich. Looking forward to see you train and rock Boston!

  20. Still working to get back on track with my eating. Didn’t lose anything this week and know that’s because I ate too much. Work to do here 🙂

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