Three Things Thursday

1. Going on Day 11 with this “cold” over here and it is stubornly hanging on. Thankfully I feel okay and my energy level is mostly normal, but the cough and runny/stuffy nose will not subside. The only time I feel true relief is after a great snot rocket on a run. Nothing clears you out like that! I’ve been able to train, but keeping all of my workouts on the easy side until I am 100% recovered.

2. Tonight is the first night of the Marathon Clinic that I am co-coaching for the next 18 weeks. We have 33 people signed up so far and about 20 more expected, including the “vets” and some newbies too – this should be a great group! I’m excited to kick things off with intros and a meet-and-greet run tonight. Moving forward we will be doing speed work on Thursdays, because it’s always more fun to suffer with company!

3. Last weekend we did something that should have been done long ago – donated our worn-out running shoes! I have no idea why we held on to them for so long, but here is what 3-4 years of running looks like:

jan-3-week-006-300x23730+ pairs of shoes – hopefully someone will be able to use them!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday!)

37 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Snot rockets.
    just.awesome. You just have to make sure you are facing the right way for the wind. You don’t want those babies to come back at you.
    Have a great first clinic night!

  2. thats a lot of shoes! i have some old ones that I should get rid off and donate!

    thats too bad about your cold. im sick today too.

    and good luck with the marathon clinic. I was actually asked by the thornhill running room to lead the half marathon group. but unfortunately, that distance is too much for me. but i will be talking to the manager about leading a Learn to Run or a 5k clinic!

    • We have a different topic and guest speakers each week – everything from nutrition to goal-setting to pacing to injury-prevention to… you name it!

  3. Being sick sucks. A bunch of people around me have had something too. I had it about 3 weeks or so ago. It would not go away, had it for two weeks. The cough was awful. I finally broke down and went to the doctor (and I avoid doing so pretty much ALL the time) and got a round of prescriptions and it was gone in like 2 days. Hope yours goes away soon!

    • Glad you are finally feeling better. It sure does hang on. I did go to the doc, but was told it is viral and all I can do is ride it out.

  4. Yippee for clinic! Have fun. So you will do speedwork, eh? The RR program only calls for tempo which means I’ll have to do my own speedwork as the clinic leader won’t do it either…

    • That’s a bummer. Our workout days will vary from marathon pace, tempo runs as well as shorter intervals from 800-2000. We don’t follow the actual program, but the coach who has done it for years created his own and it gets tweaked every year. Much more aggressive.

      • Our RR incorporates speed work once everyone has built a strong base and is use to running the long distances, generally speaking speed work doesn’t happen until closer to the individual race.

  5. You’re not one for small numbers, huh? 50 people at the marathon clinic… 30+ shoes… And here I thought I had a lot of shoes when I reached about 6 pairs. 🙂

    Have fun at the marathon clinic tonight!

  6. Yuck for the hanging on cold. I hope you get that thing sweat’ed out soon.

    Have fun leading all those runners to the Kool-Aid along with us!

    Doesn’t matter that you waited to donate them, it’s great that you did. They will be put to good use!

  7. I’ve had a 2 week cold and finally caved and went to the doctor yesterday, even though it wasn’t all that bad (just really annoying / coughing / sounds very much like what you have). She gave me a slew of meds including an inhaler to use – while i’m not 100% still, the coughing stopped almost completely within an hour of taking meds. Hope you can clear up too and maybe get some good drugs!

  8. Fantastic about donating the shoes. We collect them from our running group and Give them to local agencies…… Get well, you’re my motivation!

  9. Hah, that is QUITE the shoe pile! We get rid of ours every two pairs – I usually keep the most recent “old” ones for hiking / walking around, etc. But D is a purger, and is happy to donate or recycle things we don’t need like…immediately. 😉

    Good luck tonight, Coach!

  10. Feel better ASAP!!

    That is great that you are going to guide others in their Marathon goals..

    Thankfully my sister has taken some of my old pairs or I would have a HUGS collection. Good for you guys!!

  11. The cold finally got me! I’ve been fending it off for about 5 days and today I feel like someone smacked me in the face, that there is an ocean in my ears and my energy was dumped on the side of the road! Not happy. BUT got a sub for tomorrow. My plan is to rest tonight and get some rest in the morning and try to head out for an easy 6 tomorrow.
    Would you please post your Thursday night speedwork? I’d love some new ideas!

  12. That is a TON of shoes! I am still looking for a place to donate my old shoes…I know of a running store in my city that does it but its 45 minutes away and I hardly ever get over to that side of town. Maybe a special trip sometime is in order! Hope you are back to 100% soon! I hate colds but you are so right – a good snot rocket really makes you feel so much better!

  13. Hope the first clinic went okay yesterday but most of all that it was fun.

    11 days having a cold sucks! At the beginning of this week it looked like I was getting a cold too but fortunately I didn’t. But I am tired of not sleeping well the first nights this week and am glad the workweek is almost over.

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