WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

It’s time for our weekly food-gawking party hosted by Peas and Crayons and you’re invited!

Monday’s Eats… food-010-300x264 food-003-300x270 workouts-019-300x213 food-001-300x242 food-002-224x300 food-004-300x204 food-005-300x184 food-009-300x224

  • raisin bran for breakfast
  • apple & hardboiled egg white
  • tiny mandarin oranges! [almost] too cute to eat
  • big spinach salad with strawberries & almonds for lunch
  • celery & hummus = virtuous snack
  • fibre 1 bar = less virtuous snack (guilty pleasure)
  • leftover Skinny Taste Chicken Pot Pie Soup with bread for dinner
  • post-swim greek yogurt with strawbs & more raisin bran

Weigh-In Wednesday

Week 1: -4.2 lbs
Week 2: -1.6 lbs
Total: -5.8 lbs

‘Mission to racing weight’ for Boston is well underway and I’m feeling good so far. Tracking all of my calories in and out is key for me and I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to do that. Let me know if you’re a member so we can hook up!


30 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

    • LOL! I promise, I eat yolks sometimes now. 🙂 Actually, I have a system… if I cut the egg open and the yolk is perfectly cooked (not mushy at all, no dark around the edges), then I eat it. It not, I don’t. It’s about 50-50. :p If it makes you feel any better, I always think of you as I scoop out my yolks! hahaha

  1. I have My Fitness Pal and daily burn on my phone. i was using daily burn for a while but it has become a bit of a hassle so maybe Ill go back to MFP. My user name is JLD1201.

    Another great week – I also sometimes don’t eat my hard boiled egg yokes.

  2. I have to get back on the tracking bandwagon at least for a bit. I know I am leaning out but I just want to ensure I am on track from a calorie perspective.
    Do you use MFP to ‘dictate’ how many calories you need?

  3. I’ve been hearing a lot about MFP. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl. Your celery shot is just like my carrot shot. Thanks for continuing to post this, I love reading your post and writing my own up!

  4. I will never do a photo shoot of my eating day. It usually starts off well and finishes well but falls apart somewhere in the middle. Yours is always so inspiring.

  5. I am seriously impressed with how healthy you eat. I think I would need to eat more (just because I eat a ton), but kudos on the healthiness, weight loss and variety.

  6. nice! i use ‘my fitness pal’ too. i didn’t know you could have friends on it. i’m on there as bekarobinson–i think. i was wondering why i couldn’t shed some pounds? then i realized i drink my ‘extra’ calories in starbux. ugh. i’ve cut myself off!

    • Lucky for me, I’ve never been a fan of those flavores/sweetened drinks.

      FYI, you are b_robinson. 😉 I found you with your email address and just sent a friend request!

  7. maurlene.

    who loses 4 pounds in one week?

    biggest loser contestants do. but they’re already 150 lbs overweight.

    people who are like, 5 lbs over their goal weight are not supposed to be losing 4 lbs in one week.

    you are nuts. and you make me feel fat. 🙂 (and i’m not even eating m&m’s!)

    how much more are you aiming to lose? just curious. i mean, you don’t need to! (but i understand your wanting to trim/tone a little — people tell me i don’t need to but i know i could easily be a healthier weight).

  8. I am also trying to shed some pounds before I run the Cleveland Marathon in May. I haven’t been consistent enough using MFP yet this year, but it helped me shed 15 pounds last year. My user name on MFP is kannleslie

  9. you are so amazingly disciplined. I was great to lose my initial weight, but now to get down to race weight I tend to find that I’m just maintaining and not getting myself to cut like i should. however, i am feeling really great about some dietary changes overall and that is worth a TON

    congrats on the continued progress!

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