Three Things Thursday

1. I had a doozie of a workout day yesterday – morning ride and evening run followed by swim. It didn’t necessarily plan to do all 3 in one day, but it worked out that way. The ride and run were both easy, but I was spent by the end of my swim. It would have been a lot easier if I didn’t have to work a full day in between… I was constantly on the go from 5am til 9pm. Long day with lots of food.


2. I have to share this “recipe” that I made on the weekend: Pioneer Woman’s Turkey Bagel Burger.

workouts-021-300x155I made it a bit healthier by eliminating all the butter (PW loves her butter). The bagel didn’t need it and I cooked the turkey burger in just a splash of olive oil. This was delicious! (I made my more patties from the batch, which is why mine looks so tiny in the bagel.)

workouts-020-300x2583. Tonight is our second clinic night. We have some more introductions and basic info to go over, and then we’ll be heading out for a run. We have a nice and easy workout on deck, just to help everyone get familiar with their paces. 3K warm-up, 3K MRP (marathon race pace), 3K cool-down at long run pace. Should be fun!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

This weekend can’t come soon enough…


22 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Holy workout day Batman! Nice job squeezing it all in. That burger looks delish but I couldn’t agree more. I love PW and all but often not the healthiest.

  2. your bagel burger looks absolutely delicious! yum! (its bad bc its only 9:30 and i am already getting hungry).

    and wowza at your workout! u rock!

  3. After all of those workouts, your body NEEDED that food! Great day!
    Have fun at the clinic. Sounds great!
    School was canceled today. We don’t have a ton of snow, but it is raining ice. Looks like it will be a treadmill day.

  4. well duh maurlene, butter causes diabetes didn’t you know that? no, wait, paula deen causes diabetes.

    (i am a little irked at all the dumb-a’s who are blaming paula deen as though diabetes is her fault. yes, she made some unhealthy recipes but she never claimed they were healthy or told people to eat a diet strictly of deep-fried butter balls)

    anyway. so there was one thing.

    thing 2 – how do you cut avocado. i am impressed. that fruit? vegetable? intimidates me. well, any fruit/vegetable does that i don’t know how to cut/cook/eat. so i think you should make a vlog about how to cut avocados and other random healthy things.

    numero C. because it has been so long that i have left a three things comment. but i can’t really think of a third thing. this will have to suffice.

    • And the Long Comment Award goes to……..

      I had to watch some online demo before I successfully cut my first avocado BUT it’s pretty easy. You just make a slice lengthwise (til you hit the pit), then “roll” the knife all the way around so there is one continuous slice. Um, yeah, this is hard to explain..

      Anyway, the it is essentially in halves now, but attached by the flesh/pit. Then you hold both sides and twist gently in opposite directions to separate.

      Stick the tip of a knife in the pit and twist to pop it out.

      Then I cut each half in 2-3 wedges to make it easier to peel the skin off the flesh. If it’s ripe, this will be easy.

      The end.

      • this does not sound easy. and avocado is squishy. when i go to ‘twist’ the two sides apart i feel like i will make a huge mess.

        but, thanks for the how-to even though it isn’t a vlog. now i need a lesson on selecting a ripe avocado at the store 😉

  5. Yum on those burgers! And I think you more than earned them w/ your 3-a-day schedule! I always think swimming is easier if it’s the first workout of the day. Somehow I don’t swim nearly as well if it’s post-run.

  6. I love the look of those little fingerling carrots that you put on a lot of your meals. I can’t seem to source them over here but they’d be so convenient for salads. And they look so cute!

    Well done on those tough workouts.

  7. Definitely with you on the weekend! It’s Chinese New Year weekend – lots of family time, friends time, feasting time. Oh don’t worry, the group has also pencilled in some runs in there.

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