Boston Training – Week 3

Monday – bike + swim

Hopped on the trainer after work for a short ride (I really want to get my speed/cadence gadgets sooooon – waiting for an order) then headed to the pool for Monday night swim!

12.5 KM (7.7 mi) – 30:00 – 25.0 kph (15.5 mph) [estimated]


The 200s (broken down into 50-100-50) at the end were insane. I was huffing and puffing after each one and the rests were only a few seconds! Awesome pool workout. I think my face was still red when I got home! (above photo is ‘before’ – I should have taken an ‘after’)

1950m – 1:00:00
500 w/u (400 free, 100 scull), 6 x 75 kick, 5 x (50-100-50) sprint

Tuesday – run (hills)

Back to Willowfarm Lane with some of the group for 1.5KM (0.9 mile long) hill repeats. It was a crazy night where it started off mild and wet and finished freezing cold with ice all over the roads. We were also running into an insane wind … as we were running uphill, of course!

food-012-225x30010.6 KM (6.6 mi) – 1:03:20 – 5:58/KM (9:36/mi)

Wednesday – bike + run + swim

I was up at 5am for a trainer ride before work. Not sure why I look so alarmed…


19.6 KM (12.2 mi) – 47:00 – 25 kph (15.5 mph) [estimated]

After work I met up with the swim girls for a run from the pool. It’s so much easier to get these runs in with company on cold, dark evenings. Although running from the pool requires packing a lot of bags! I leave a trail of bags (filled with laundry!) everywhere I go these days.

9.7 KM (6.0 mi) – 56:25 – 5:48/KM (9:20/mi)

We had another intense swim! 1500m time trial (broken up into 100s with short rests). It was a workout! It’s nice to be pushing harder in the pool. Workouts had been pretty light this month so far since the “good” coach was away. We’re glad to have him back!

2100m – 1:00
‎200 w/u, 15 x 100 (10s rest), 100 scull, 6 x 50


Thursday – run x 2 (clinic)

I went out at lunch for a shorty run to get a few extra miles in. It was cold and blustery! After that I spent the afternoon freezing at my desk and dreading the fact that I would ave to go out in it again after work for our clinic run. Truth be told, winter has been gentle on us so far – but some days, I am just over it!

6.0 KM (3.7 mi) – 32:23 – 5:23/KM (8:39/mi)

Clinic went great and we had a light workout on the schedule – 3K MRP. The exercise was geared more towards learning the paces and pushing just slightly out of our comfort zones. The roads and paths were slick and icey, but we stepped carefully and everyone made out okay.

9.7KM (6.0 mi) – 54:43 – 5:38/KM (9:03/mi)
3K MRP @ 5:01, 4:59, 4:59

Untitled-300x206Friday – run + swim

I got up early for a run on the treadmill. I had considered packing a bag to head out at lunch again instead, but I just didn’t feel like freezing my arse off again. Indoors it was and it wasn’t that bad.

7.5KM (4.7 mi) – 43:41 – 5:49/KM (9:21/mi)

Friday night at the pool I had an EPIC swim. Friday nights offer a longer session (1h45m) and I stayed the entire time. There was a massive workout on the board and we got through all of it except 100m when we were yanked from the pool. Longest swim to-date by a long shot! I was pretty wobbly when I climbed on to the deck.

4250m – 1:45:00
900 w/u (300 free, 300 kick, 300 pull), 10 x 75 kick (25 easy, 25 medium, 25 hard), 3 x (3×300 – 200 hard, 100 easy)

Saturday – bike (long)

workouts-007-300x224On Saturday morning my friends P & U invited me over for a group ride. I loaded up my bike, trainer and all the gear so we could spin together. It was a lot of stuff to schlep, but totally worth it for the company.

We made things interesting by incorporating intervals into the last hour of the workout:

2nd half hour – 3 x (5 mins hill climb, 5 mins easy)
3rd half hour – 3 x (5 mins high cadence sprint, 5 mins. easy)

It was a sweat fest down there, but the time flew by.

34.1KM (21.2 mi) – 1:30:10 – 22.7 kph (14.1 mph) [estimated – copied friend’s stats]

Sunday – run (long)

I planned a particularly “scenic” (hilly) route for our Sunday long run with the group. They love it when I do that. 😉 It was tough, but everyone got through it and will be stronger for it. I added on a bit before and a bit after to hit my own target distance – we have varied distances among the group based on everyone’s fitness levels and goal races.

Once again, I was exhausted by the end. I definitely need to get used to regular long rides the day before my long runs.

26.8KM (16.7 mi) – 2:31:16 – 5:38/KM (9:03/mi)


Total Run Distance: 70.3 KM (43.7 mi)
Total Run Time: 6:41:48
Average Run Pace: 5:42/KM (9:10/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 66.2 KM (41.1 mi) [estimated]
Total Bike Time: 2:47:00

Total Swim Distance: 8300 m
Total Bike Time: 3:45:00

Total Training Time: 13:13:48


83 days til Boston!


27 thoughts on “Boston Training – Week 3

  1. Hi Marlene, What software do you use to track your workouts/calories, etc? I am currently doing it by hand on a caledar. There must be a better way.

    • Hi Kelly! I track my workout details (distance/time/pace/etc) on Daily Mile as well as a spreadsheet that I created add up my total time, average pace, etc.

      Then I just use MFP for daily calorie burn & intake.

  2. oh my gosh….how I need to see your face. I seriously laugh when I see your expressions. Can I steal one of these pics and use it in a post? You are amazing…way to get it done.

  3. I cannot stop laughing at the pics. So awesome. Despicable Marlene is back baby and I love it. OMG that picture is awesome.

    You need to put together a photo album of these pics and sell it for those that are even remotely depressed to get a pick me up and laugh……..

    I wish I knew how many miles you swam, biked and ran but I can’t stop laughing long enough to focus on them.

    My face is the colOUR of a stop sign b/c I can’t breathe anymore.

  4. You are doing AMAZING! I love the variety and your swimming just continues to SOAR! I see more than a tri in your future! You’re on your way to 70.3 and then…..dare I say it? I*R*O*N*M*A*N!

  5. Another fantastic week, woot!
    The basement group training ride looks like so much fun…I might actually stay on my trainer longer than a few miles if I were with friends! Cracks me up you drug all your stuff over there, that had to be a workout in itself!

  6. We “love” it when our coach gives us the hilly/scenic route too. Just try not to listen to anything they’re muttering under their breath when you tell them where they have to run unless you have a thick skin.

  7. Awesome workout week Marlene.

    How do you cope with icy roads? There’s one condition when I don’t run and that’s when it’s icy, too afraid too fall. This morning I wasn’t expecting that the roads were icy and I headed home before even started my run. Do you wear special shoes or just run carefully?

  8. I’m not getting my email. boohoo. Now I way behind in Marlene-the-insane-workoutaholic-tri-awesomesauce-athlete world!! I’m gonna try submitting again. You are not showing up on my blog roll when you post now. boohoo.

    As you already know I am tired from just reading your workouts. Seriously when do you sleep or eat? Oh I’ll come back Wednesday to see what you ate. heehee

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