WIAW + Weigh-in Wednesday

 Here’s what I ate yesterday:wiaw-003-243x300 wiaw-0171-225x300 wiaw-0071-216x300 wiaw-0081-300x224 wiaw-0111-300x224 wiaw-0121-300x276 wiaw-013-225x300 wiaw-016-300x289 wiaw-0251-300x250

  •  tea & honey shreddies for breakfast {I ❤ cereal}
  • honeycrisp, hard-boiled egg
  • clementines
  • spaghetti squash with ground turkey & tomato sauce for lunch
  • grapes, diet coke (mini!)
  • 1/2 PB&J wrap before my bike ride
  • thin crust spinach pizza and loads of raw veggies w/ hummus for dinner

Weigh-In Wednesday

Week 1: -4.2 lbs
Week 2: -1.6 lbs
Week 3: –0.6
Total: -6.4 lbs


27 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. finally a legit weightloss week 😉

    although, i did magically lose 2-lbs in one day somehow the other day. i haven’t re-weighed since but i’m sure 1.99 (at least) of that has added itself back on.

    you’re an orange-peeling-expert!

  2. The PB&J wrap is back…..love it. Go check out my post from today with the quesadilla desert. Reminds me of this.

    And the egg still has the yolk in it in the pic but did the yolk get consumed?

    The pizza looks fabulous. and love the colOUrs of the veggies with it.

  3. Your self-photos crack me up. No matter how many you take, you always have a different facial expression in each one, love it!

    Nice job with the food and weightloss! The lighter I am the faster I run, i’d love to drop a few pounds before Boston but idk. My foot is getting better but i still haven’t tested out my speed (since May). I am hoping for a BQ at Boston, if it happens it’s gonna be 25% running, 25% other cardio, 25% strength training and 25% good nutrition and sleep. lol. I may be crazy but i’m going for it!!!

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