Most weeks, Saturday is my favourite day. They’re always jam packed with plans in the summer, but ours are pretty low-key in the winter.

It’s typically my day to sleep in – I love sleeping in, even if that only means 7:30 or 8:00 these days.

I enjoy a leisurely start to the morning, taking my time with tea and breakfast. I just love rolling out of bed whenever I wake up and stumbling down the stairs in my jammies, knowing there is nowhere I need to be anytime soon.

couch-001-225x300If I have a workout to do (indoor cycling on the trainer, lately) then I usually get started mid morning, finishing just in time for lunch. After a shower, I crawl right back into my comfies and veg on the couch to catch up on the PVR.

I like having plenty of time to prepare for Sunday’s long run, knowing that I will be able to wake up early the next day feeling refreshed rather than stressed and tired.

Saturdays are the perfect day to try a new recipe for dinner and veg out on the couch watching movies together. We are such home-bodies.


What do you love about Saturday?


21 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I thought you were going to say BUT this Saturday. Glad that wasn’t it. I love that I don’t have to do anything on Saturday. It can all wait until Sunday.

  2. Sounds like a nice way to spend the day! Saturday’s my long run day so I love when it’s over and then I can relax for the rest of the day, and have all day Sunday free! Have a great run tomorrow!

  3. I envy your Saturday! with kids, there’s no day of the week that is that leisurely.

    I like getting my long run done on Saturdays. I know most races are on Sunday, so it makes better sense to do long runs then, but I like getting the long run done Sat morning. Then, no matter what else the weekend holds, I know I have accomplished that!

  4. Actually about the same things you like about Saturdays.

    We are home-bodies too, all year long.

    Saturday is my long run day which I always do first thing after breakfast. The rest of the day I just hang around the house, catch up on my DVR and at night we often watch a movie.

  5. Definitely love comfy clothes and watching movies… we’re homebodies, too. Although our daughter has forced us to get out more, to give her a change of scenery and keep us all happy. But I love the laid back nature of weekends, and having two whole days with my husband home. 🙂 We’ve tried a similar squash mac & cheese, yummy!!

  6. Doesn’t matter whether I’m running or not Saturdays still seem to be busy. But what I love about the Saturday busy is that I get to take my time a bit more. I can always squeeze in a nap. My kitchen gets to smell really good. And I get to see my BFF.

  7. i love my saturdays as it’s “me and hubs day”! hubs and i do our long runs on saturdays as he’s busy on sundays, so we start the days off together with a good run, have a nice brekkie together and then proceed on with whatever we have scheduled. there is nothing i love more than just hanging with him on a saturday night! we are total homebodies too…i always call home the place away from the craziness of the world!

  8. Butternut squash macaroni & cheese??? I need that recipe! Sounds soo good!!

    I love Saturdays too only because they are usually jammed packed with a long run, then pilates and often other social engagements! I live for Sunday tho, my one day to sleep in!

  9. I think Saturday’s are the perfect day to sit around and be lazy and not feel guilty. I will gladly admit that I did just that yesterday. But by today I was jonesing for some activity which led me to finally put on my shoes and go for a much needed run! Glad you had a good weekend!

  10. I do a crazy Spin/Cross training session on Saturdays so it is yet again an early wakeup and sweatfest from 8-10.
    Then I can chill with coffee and try to get our house cleaned up. For 2 people, our house gets messy fast…

  11. How come you don’t spell ours ors? Shouldn’t you remove the U in words that have it built in?

    And now y’all call is a PVR? Not a DVR? I am so confused.

    Saturdays is not a day to sleep in for me. I have long workouts on Saturdays and want to get up and get ’em done so that I can take a nap and hang out with the family. Sunday is more of a hang out day for me. Usually Karen goes and works out first and then I workout afterwards and we are all back in time for a mid-day nap and hang the rest of the day.

    • Some people say DVR, some say PVR. I don’t even know what the difference is, if there is one. Just making sUre yoU are paying attention!


      Love yoUr roUtine on weekends!

  12. this sounds so much like our winter time saturdays! we hermit-up as i like to say. i’ve been running saturday mornings (later, at 9a) and love that afterward i can just be lazy and rest up! yay for holing up at home on saturdays!!

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