Impromptu Rest

For the last three weeks I’ve been trying to balance and adjust to my new-found responsibilities as instructor of the current marathon clinic (over 50 people), which often feels like another full time job.

I’ve trained for a total of almost 40 hours in those three weeks. I also did not take a complete rest day in those three weeks.

Until yesterday, that is.

I rested Sunday after my long run, went to bed early and had a great sleep. I woke up Monday morning feeling pretty refreshed and ready to go. I went over my workout schedule for the week in my head, juggling things around to fit it all in. I even stuffed my bag with gear to squeeze in a short recovery run over lunch to supplement the swim I had planned for the evening.

And then the morning wore on and my motivation waned. I didn’t really feel like running anymore and decided I could ‘run’ (not really) a couple of errands instead. Then thoughts of skipping swim in favour of a relaxing evening at home started swirling in my head…

The next thing I knew, I was treating myself to my favourite lunch and declaring an impromptu rest day.

SSPX0223-300x225There will be many days where I don’t feel like training but I know I should do it anyway, and then there will be days when I don’t feel like training and I know I should give myself a break. Mondays have always been considered “optional” for me… and this time, I opted to rest. I knew I was craving a mental break more than a physical break. Sure, I could have completed my workouts and gone on with my day. And yeah, I might have even felt a bit better for having completed them. But I chose not to, and I don’t regret it.

I enjoyed my day/evening, and even got a few things accomplished. I spent a bit of time after work with the hubs, which is precious right now while he’s working some crazy hours and trying to fit in his own training in between.

And now I’m really ready to tackle the week. Maybe even the next three weeks…


34 thoughts on “Impromptu Rest

  1. Good call. Mondays are my rest day as well and I was really tempting to do something yesterday but realized I was sore and needed the rest.
    …though I did end up having to shovel the white crud that fell in full force last night. Yuck.

  2. *MUAH* When you start to Not Feel the Love for running, it is time to take a little break. When anything becomes a chore, you’re over doing it. So glad you had a “me” day.

  3. you need your rest, i’m glad you took it. you’ve been doing so much consistently for so long. don’t go getting burned out, you have a big year ahead of you!!

  4. i love subway too! when I eat it, it does feel like a treat!
    good job on taking a rest day. u always work like a machine and need some rest. very smart thinking!

  5. I LOVE that you just did want you wanted to. “Training” should be fun and something that at least 51% of your brain actually WANTS to do when that changes, it is time to take a break, an afternoon, a day, a week, whatever is needed. Kuddos to you for enjoying a few non-training pleasures for the day!

  6. You are right- there will be days you have to push yourself and days when it is okay to say I am taking the day off. Sometimes when I have days where I know I need a day off but I push through anyway, I don’t end up feeling better. Sometimes your body is just trying to tell you something. Glad you had a good rest day and are ready to get back into it 🙂

  7. Those rest days are the best…I love having time off and enjoying not doing a workout! You have been working really hard lately so I know your mind and body appreciated the Monday rest!

  8. I would pat you on the back and say…Good choice! Listen to your body! We don’t do that enough! You are so wise young grasshopper!

    Your body needs rest as much as it does a workout! I am struggling with rest days right now. I don’t have heavy days so it doesn’t seem like that big of deal to do something every day. I know that will change when I am training for something..just getting into a routine right now.

    THANK YOU for answering my 11-random questions…so much fun to read!

  9. Most of the time when I take an impromptu rest day, it’s mental. But I happen to think that sometimes you need that break. I’ve worked out for the last 60 days, but I’ll freely admit that 3-6 of those days barely make the definition of working out and most of those were because I couldn’t wrap my mind around doing a real workout.

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  10. You know how I am feeling about rest these days.. good on you for treating yourself and finding some time for you!! I almost feel like it was easier to train to qualify for Boston than it was to train for Boston.. GOOD LUCK!!

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