WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

 This edition of What I Ate Wednesday is brought to you by Saturday! I had a 1h45m bike ride that day, with an 18+ mile run on deck for the next morning. Here is how I fueled…Week-of-Jan-23-013-243x300 Week-of-Jan-23-014-225x300 Week-of-Jan-23-017-300x249 Week-of-Jan-23-018-300x207 Week-of-Jan-23-019-1024x569 Week-of-Jan-23-020-300x224 Week-of-Jan-23-021-300x252 Week-of-Jan-23-0231-1024x583 Long-Run-001-300x258 Long-Run-002-244x300

  • tea, bagel with strawberry cream cheese + OJ for brekkie
  • chocolate milk (mmmm) + greek yogurt & fruit post-workout
  • giant sandwich for lunch
  • apple + homemade baked “falafel” (I tried P&C’s recipe but they turned out like pancakes for some reason)
  • butternut squash mac & cheese (delicious!) for dinner – RECIPE
  • spinach salad on the side
  • night cap: hot chocolate + rice krispies with brown sugar

= ~ 2275 Calories, 353g Carbs, 52g Fat, 99g Protein

Weigh-In Wednesday

Week 1: -4.2 
Week 2: -1.6
Week 3: -0.6
Week 4: -1.6
Total: -8.0 lbs

Happy Hump Day!


23 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. …I thought your falafel was a cookie when I first saw it. 🙂
    I am playing around with a butternut squash + gnocchi recipe for this week. Fingers crossed..

  2. brown sugar on cereal sounds like something you’d hear on biggest loser. haha. i know you can afford it though seeing as how everything you eat is like 2 calories. when my mom bought plain cornflakes growing up i would put sugar on it to make it ‘frosted flakes’… and let’s just say i wasn’t sparse with it.

    • I’m trying your recipe next time. 🙂

      Tat says 42.2 (# of kms in a marathon… have you been studying your Canadian race distances?)

      It’s actually ust black.

  3. wow! you’re already doing bricks like that? when is your 70.3? and i wonder if anyone else will notice the squash in the background of your apple pic… 🙂

    • not a brick – ride Saturday, run Sunday. 🙂

      I have a 70.3 in June that I plan to treat as a training day, and goal race in September.

      I’m just going to keep my long ride at 90-120 mins until I can get outside. I wouldn’t necessarily do it the day before my long run, except that’s the only time I can fit it in.

      LOL, nobody else mentioned the squash yet. Looks funny. :p

  4. Fala-FAIL made me giggle. You just get more crispy surface area when it’s flat, right? 🙂

    There is not nearly enough hot chocolate drinking among adults. I’m glad to see you enjoy a cup, too!

  5. I need to not read these WIAW posts in the middle of the night. They make me hungry LOL! I wonder if I could sneak that mac n cheese past my boys… Or Beer Geek for that matter, hmm…

    Great job on the continued weight loss!

  6. I have to try that mac and cheese recipe! IT seems that i have ALL these recipes to try but I never get around to making them! I like that you showed the breakdown of your food – carbs, protein etc. Sometimes I worry I am eating too many carbs.

  7. Holy cow, I mean skinny cow! You are a rock star (and not a cow at all of course).
    I need to go investigate that BS mac n cheese pronto. I’ve got a squash sitting here glaring at me.
    Yay for Boston and Chi! That was exactly my 2010. Praying it’ll be cool for you in Chi this year though. AND we’ll finally meet! WOOT!

  8. Bahhh was your site down yesterday? I couldn’t get the link to work and even typing your web addy by hand it wouldn’t show up for me at all. Today its working! yayy! so I was able to fix the wiaw link for you — I wonder what happend?

    and bahaha why did the falafel turn into pancakes!? this I have to hear! love ya! ❤ happy belated wiaw

    • HI! I had an issue with my server/host… I was stressin! Thanks for fixing up the link for me. 🙂

      Umm, I’m not really sure! LOL! Was I supposed to drain the chickpeas?? Maybe too liquidy? Anyway, they still tasted good. LOL!

      Thanks girlie!!

      • ooh yes! drained, raw chickpeas — I’ll update the recipe to make sure its as detailed as can be! Thanks love — glad your server issues are fixed! Mine goes down time to time and i’m not even self-hosted! eek!

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