January 2012

Total Run Distance: 266.4 KM (165.5 mi)

cold-long-run-006-225x300# Runs: 25

Total Cycling Distance: 227.2 KM (141.2 mi)

# Rides: 10


Total Swim Distance: 19,800 m

# Swims: 9

Races: none

Favourite Workout: 4250 m swim on Jan 20!


Most Hardcore Workout: 3 x 1.5KM (0.9mi) hill repeats on Jan 17th – into insane wind gusts going uphill

Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: We went to see We Bought a Zoo on the first of ther month and it was fantastic!

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor. Admit it, you love it too.


Indulgence of the Month: long hot soaks in the tub after getting home freeeezing cold from evening swims and runs. ahhhhhh….


Obsession of the Month: My new fins; they’re super fun (and fast) for kick drills!

Food and/or Drink of the Month: Butternut squash mac & cheese deliciousness

Week-of-Jan-23-0231-300x170Current Wish-List: Duotrap sensor and computer for my bike – they’re on the way so I can actually start recording speed/distance/cadence on the trainer.


Current Need: A long weekend. Good thing there’s one coming up soon.
Triumph of the Month: Surviving my first month co-coaching the marathon clinic – it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.
#FAIL of the Month: Spending the first half of the month with a cold was not the bet thing ever.
Current Excitement: Hubs and I along with two of our best friends registered for the CHICAGO MARATHON when it opened on Wednesday. This will be the last marathon of my twenties (I turn 30 the following weekend) and I can’t wait to celebrate in a big way and finally see what this epic race is all about! Anyone else running #ChiMarathon this year?
Current Goal: to balance marathon and half ironman training and remain injury-free!

27 thoughts on “January 2012

  1. Setting the bar high for 2012 already! Well done in January chica, sickness and all!

    Soooooooooooo excited for you to run Chicago, seriously, if it weren’t for the wedding I’d so be there to cheer you on!

  2. hey i’m only 164.5 miles behind!!

    i do not watch bachelor. did the old granny get kicked off yet? (i did see the preview they were hyping up ol’ granny).

    and umm. maurlene. you are *naked* in that photo. you should have put a warning on this blog post saying NSFW

  3. I love that my bathroom cupboard has no room because of the 2 giant bottles of epsom salts that I have there.
    Awesome January…you are a machine especially on the swim side. I seriously think I would do a lap ….and be done…

  4. Oh yay for the thingamajig to capture your distance and speed on the bike! I know you’ve been wanting that for a while. Congrats on another great month–here’s to no sickness in February!

  5. You rocked despite being sick! Yay for the Chicago Marathon–you’ll probably have great weather since I’m not running it. I seem to attract the heat and humidity. Argh!

  6. AHHH CHICAGO marathon!!! SO exciting. January was an awesome month and we didn’t get a lot of snow which was awesome! I hope February is just as nice!

  7. u r right…..i do love it! (the bacholer). i cant get enough. its so trashy, yet so entertaining!

    u had a great month. keep up the awesome job!

    ps. i am making that mac and cheese on sunday!

  8. i have no idea how you get into the bath after being in the pool!! i hate to even get wet again in the shower b/c my skin is so water logged and pruney. ewwww. hate that feeling!!

    congrats on chicago and a great start to the year!

  9. Now I see why you got sick! Hour of sleep = 12 probably for the month if you’re doing all this other stuff! Geez, that’s a lot of miles for my June!

  10. I just got a new bike computer as well. I’ll be installing it this evening as I have a 4 hour ride tomorrow and 2 hour trainer ride on Sunday.

    4250m in one session…..bravo! That is awesome. I did my first 4000y swim yesterday and my arms were yelling something fierce, as was my back and shoulders.

    And I have question about the bath tub: How do you avoid the pages from getting soaking wet? Seriously? I could never do that as the book would be drenched.

    • Crazy thing is, 75% of the time I use my ereader in the tub! I’m just VERY careful. But yeah, the pages of my paper books tend to get a little damp…

  11. That is a LOT of swimming… way to go! It has been way too long since I’ve had a nice, long bath. Need to remedy that. Congrats on Chicago, how fun!

  12. My goal is your goal on a smaller scale – to balance half marathon training and triathlon training although truthfully triathlon training isn’t formal yet.

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