Saturday Workout Extravaganza

Today was a different kind of Saturday. Instead of sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely morning, I completed a 3+ hour triple workout before 10am!

Tri-Day-012-225x300When the alarm went off at 5am, my first thought was: “What was I thinking?” I generally have no problem getting up early on Sundays for long runs, but I cherish my Saturday sleep-ins after early mornings and long days all week long. Alas, I had big plans in store and it was time to get started!

I ate a light breakfast # 1 before heading out the door for the first workout of the day.

First up was a 6am masters swim and two of my friends (P & U, who will be joining us in Chicago!) came along. We spent 70 minutes in the pool with two coaches just for the three of us. I received a ton of guidance on my stroke and had and had a great workout.

I gobbled down breakfast # 2 in the car while en route to P & U’s house for a group bike trainer session. I had dropped off and set up all of my gear the night before so we were ready to go. Quick wardrobe change and we were on the bikes before 8:00am.

Tri-Day-006-225x300We rode for 90 minutes including one hour of hill climb and sprint intervals. It was a sweat fest and our legs were toast by the end, but the time flew by. This stuff is so much more fun with company!

Breakfast # 3 included a fruit bar, mini protein bar and some gu chomps during the ride. I felt like I had been eating all morning long, but I was still hungry and the workout session wasn’t over yet.

Tri-Day-008-225x300We hopped off the bikes, changed again and wobbled out the door for a 30 minute run. It felt like the sidewalk was moving beneath me at first, but my legs found their groove once we got going. Unfortunately I also got hit with stomach cramps that lasted for about the first half.

Still, I ended up feeling strong and relatively fresh by the end of our 5Kish loop.

Workout trifecta complete!

Tri-Day-011-225x300Not bad for a Saturday morning. I loved the back to back workouts and the time went by so fast. I can’t believe how much fun I had and I am sooo lucky to have friends who want to do this with me. This was the first of many days like this ahead. I can’t wait til we can swim in the lake and then go for a ride outdoors.

TripleNaturally, breakfast # 4 was consumed promptly after a shower the run. I hauled everything home and then settled in for some time in the horizontal position, catching up on TV with the hubs.

Tri-Day-013-225x300 And now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow’s long run…

23 thoughts on “Saturday Workout Extravaganza

  1. Damn what a day that is for sure.

    You list 4 breakfasts but don’t tell what they were and that is not fair. Isn’t this a food blog? Wait, where am I? I am so tired……and we both get to do it again tomourrow.

    Great day my friend, great day.

  2. What a huge morning!! I think I’ve done well at the moment if I manage a walk with the dog. Three big workouts on top of each other … no wonder you needed four breakfasts.

  3. EPIC GOODNESS!!! I had a 1hr run in the rain, breakfast, 30 min snooze, and then it was off for a 2hr Sufferfest with out favorite peeps. Last night my legs were talking beautiful trash……much like they are still this morning. Heading out for another hour run in a few.

    This is living!!

  4. Yes Marlene – I do know that old guy who seemed to be watching me while I read (in the picture!) He happens to be my father in law. We were cruising with my MIL and FIL which was a lot of fun!

  5. That is a very impressive Saturday morning, but it does sound pretty fun- although I agree it will be even more awesome when the weather is nice and everything can be outside 🙂 I really need to find a pool I can swim at again, it’s been so long since I last swam and I miss it.

  6. Please tell me you slept in on Sunday! I’m actually really jealous about this workout. I’m missing hardcore Saturdays, even if mine were always 100% running!

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