What I [would like to eat] Wednesday

The ever-creative and veg-loving Jenn at Peas & Crayons is going above and beyond this month with more veggies than ever. It’s LOVE Your VEGGIES Month, WIAW-style.

Unfortunately, we have been ridiculously low on groceries since the weekend (guess what I’m doing on my lunch hour today?) and I have nothing inspiring on my plate to share.

Instead, I dug through the archives for some of my favourite veg-centric meals (some may have been featured on the blog previously and others haven’t).

Here is what I wish I was eating today for this veggie-loving edition of What I Ate Wednesday. Next week I will be sure to feature an actual day of my typical veg-heavy eats.food-001-300x242 June-16-run-and-stuff-017-300x222 June-18-19-Wknd-007-300x225 June-18-19-Wknd-033-300x225 Mar26th_001-300x224 Oakville-001-300x225 SSPX0180-225x300 SSPX0208-300x225 week-stuff-008-300x225


What are some of your favourite veg-heavy eats?


21 thoughts on “What I [would like to eat] Wednesday

  1. I LOVE pasta salad with lots of peppers, grape tomatoes and heavy feta. YUM. I’m also on a hummus kick which is great with any cut up veg. Sadly, I can’t eat raw broccoli or celery anymore as my stomach hates me if I do.

  2. OMG…it all looks so good to me…I am on an avocado kick right now…I eat it with every thing…especially with green olives and some of their juices/feta cheese crumbles/corn/and navy beans…mix slightly and put on a wheat thin…YUM!

  3. Most of my alone meals are just a bunch of veggies with salsa and cheese on the top. Seriously eat that nearly everyday using whatever is in the fridge. Also? I’m addicted to cauliflower and arugula. Go through stupid amounts every week.

    Now if I could just stop with the chocolate, I might actually lose weight…

  4. Mmmm, I wish that’s what my diet looked like! Mine is more like whatever was in my kitchen the second I decided I was starving. That is usually lots of bread, eggs, cheese, and chocolate.

  5. I can see why you want to eat those! I love pretty much all veggies in just about every way. I really do. Right now I’m loving kale in every way. And I love avocados. And panzanella. And I could go on and on. Can’t wait for garden season!

  6. You’ve actually caused a change in my diet by your constant inspirational pictures. I’ve made my lunch much more veggie-based and my plates are now starting to look as colourful as yours.

  7. Yummy!!! I am trying to go gluten-free, but I think I could easily make these things gf! You always have some of the best foods on there! I’m thinking the half bag of gf yogurt pretzels for lunch weren’t a good idea after seeing this!! 🙂

  8. I need to pick up more veggies too!! It tough this time of year – I can’t wait for summer when I can eat tons and tons of veggies because they are in season!

  9. I wish I was eating those meals today too! I need to add more veggies into my life and stat! One of my favorite healthier meals is making lettuce wraps — and I stick lots of veggies (carrots, celery etc) mixed with ground turkey. Yum!

  10. Ah, those summer veggies are looking SO tasty…

    If I had to pick just a few favorite “veg-heavy” meals, I’d go with a good *hearty* salad (lots of veggies, dried fruit and some nuts sprinkled in) or a veg-heavy made-from-scratch pizza. 🙂 (shocker, I know…)

  11. That’s weird–I only saw about half of those pictures when I read this in Google Reader. Strange. Anyway, the strawberry salad makes me long for summer! It also reminds me that after I commented the other day on wanting grapes, I went and bought some. Low and behold, it turns out my 3-year-old loves them too! Who knew?!? As a littler kid he refused basically all fruit. So we’ve been eating grapes like crazy since then. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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