Three Things Thursday

1. There have been some changes within my Masters swim group (Go Selkies!) recently. Two of the four coaches (the ones who most often coached during my swim times) have been “removed” rather suddenly. I will miss one of them, but I think this change will be for the best – from what we have experienced so far, the coaches who will be taking over have a lot more to offer in terms of stroke technique and effective workouts. Some of the swim times will be changing as well, although our usual nights (Mon-Wed-Fri) will remain the same. Wednesday night’s workout is going to be extended by half an hour starting next week, which I am very excited about! Yay for more pool time and longer swims!


Sidenote: The above photo is from July when I was still wearing my  swim cap sideways. See how the crease is running side-to-side across my head as opposed to front-to-back? I swam like that for weeks before Meg finally pointed it out when I posted these photos: “You are *totally* ready for tri! Especially with your swim cap on sideways!!! ROFLMFAO” Newbie much?? That still cracks me up.

2. The much-anticipated Boston 2012 jackets were revealed recently. What do you think? I don’t love the colour (which is called “Core Energy” apparently), but I certainly don’t dislike it as strongly as some others have expressed. Regardless, I will wear it proudly after I cross that finish line!

X50031_01-300x300Speaking of which, Bethany was kind enough to send me this photo taken from THE very finish line – that’s the hotel (The Lenox) we will be staying at thanks to a sweet corporate discount arranged by friends. I knew we were close, but we are literally going to be right there.


3. This Saturday I will participate in the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold. I will run in solidarity with thousands of others around the world to honour Sherry’s memory and all those touched by her loss.



29 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. i just hope they went back to embroidering the jackets. i think the screen print is cheap and cheesy that they did last year. i love the whack color though… i am so stylish!

  2. I like the orange….speedy and spiffy.
    See…one more reason for me not to swim. I’d screw up the cap and probably put my googles on inside out as well.

  3. LOL at the swim cap. I never would have known either.

    I’ll be running on Saturday to honor Sherry’s memory as well (or at least walking since I have a race the next day).

  4. Yayyy for more swim time. Oh the swim cap…that’s funny.

    I like the Boston jacket…hey if it was a garbage bag and said Boston, I would like it too. I wonder why people don’t like it?

  5. I love the swim cap – Brian would die if I wore mine like that since he was/is a swimmer! I can’t get away with anything dealing with swimming and him!

  6. Too funny about the swim cap! I certainly didn’t notice and probably would do the same thing! I like the jacket colour – it will certainly stand out!

  7. Hey did you change hotels? That one looks awesome. The jacket is growing on me. When I first saw it I wasn’t thrilled but when I looked the 2nd time it was ok….Hey it’s a Boston jacket.. Funny about your swim cap…I had to chuckle when I read that and the comment that your friend left….

  8. I know EXACTLY where that hotel is and you are going to be right in the heart of all the fun stuff! I think the jacket is okay….don’t love it and don’t hate it….but it could be made out of plastic and smell like old garbage and you will still wear that thing!!!!!!!! Thankfully, it isn’t though :).

  9. Personally I love that colour of Jacket (what the hell, it is BOSTON!). Having just read about Sherry, I must admit I have tears in my eyes, what a horrible thing to happen. I will definitely restart my running program in her memory.

  10. I love how much you are getting into swimming! You’ll be so comfortable for your 70.3. And I am NOT a fan of that color, as you know. Boo on the jacket that I’ll still be wearing all over the place! ; )

  11. I just came over here from Katie’s blog to see how to properly wear a swim cap. I don’t even own one yet but I’m certain I would get it wrong!! Learn something new everyday.

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