Let’s get our veggie on,  Peas and Crayons-style! This is what I ate on Tuesday.

  DSC00094-225x300 DSC00095-300x247 DSC00096-300x252 workouts-and-wiaw-015-217x300 DSC000981-300x226 DSC000991-275x300 DSC00101-300x209 DSC00102-300x225 DSC00105-300x162 workouts-and-wiaw-019-300x249 hills-and-wiaw-001-300x286

  • morning tea
  • steel cut oats with brown sugar, cinnamon, walnuts, raisins and chia seeds
  • apple with hard-boiled egg, yogurt with kiwi
  • ‘salad in a jar’
  • clem x 2, grapes, fibre 1 bar
  • diet coke vice
  • (unpictured) english muffin with PB before hill repeats
  • spaghetti squash with crumbled turkey burger, marinara, brussels and parmesan
  • tasty treat before bed

= approx. 1900 calories, 300g carbs, 55g fat, 70g protein

Have a great day!


21 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. please come prepare my meals for me. i beg you. that salad in a mason jar is BRILLIANT, not to mention looks delicious.

    how do you eat a kiwi?!? or is that a potato.

    what does KRCMA stand for?

    • That was my first time using the jar! So easy to transport. Yep, it was tasty too!!

      That is definitely not a kiwi. I don’t usually munch on potatoes with my yogurt. Sometimes I’ll cut the skin off and chop it up in yogurt, or I’ll just cut it in half and scoop the guts ou with a spoon. Yummy.

      The mug is from work, it’s actually a surname in Croation (you can’t see the R on the end). Yeah, I know, it needs more vowels.

  2. Interesting grouping…eggs and apples, bread and yoghurt, but I LOVE the idea of putting your salad in a mason jar, that is awesome! You could eat it right out of the jar…perfect.

  3. I thought that was a kiwi fruit too. I keep looking at it trying to see the potato but still coming up with kiwi. I think it’s the colour of the skin that’s confusing me.

  4. Glad you specificed the yogourt was with kiwi b/c I thought it was a roll and that you dipped the roll in the yogourt.

    Yolks? Yes I will always ask until it becomes routine.

    Love spaghetti squash.

    Stop by tomorrow for a recipe for THE best oatmeal.

  5. Such a good idea to pack your food in the mason jar! I so wanted to do WIAW but I barely got to eat lunch yesterday and then by the time I did have time I wolfed it down and was almost finished when I remember I should have taken pictures! I just cannot get the hang of this picture thing!

  6. haha love the salad in a jar!! That seems like a lot of eats for only 1900 calories — I need you to help me plan my meals. Yours look so healthy and delicious!! 🙂

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