Friday Follow-Up

I mentioned CrossFit in yesterday’s post and it stirred up some conversation in the comments (which I love!). It seems there is a bit of a controversy between CrossFit and endurance running.

For those interested, Jill shared this article. It addresses “CrossFit Endurance” which I believe is separate from “regular” CrossFit and geared more towards endurance training rather than “just” overall body strength and conditioning. Correct me if I am wrong. Rob?

I won’t comment on the points argued in the article because I don’t have any experience or enough information to form an opinion. I will simply say that our guest speaker introduced us to the option of incorporating CrossFit as a supplement to endurance (run) training for improved overall body strength and fitness. As far as I can tell, there is no harm in that.   

That being said, it’s not something I intend to pursue (at least not now). I’m sure I could benefit from some kind of strength training regimen, but I can’t am not willing to fit it into my packed schedule of running, cycling and swimming. That might change down the road – like when I eventually hire a coach and he or she tells me that I have to. 🙂


Happy Friday! Catch you on the other side…..


17 thoughts on “Friday Follow-Up

  1. There’s a talk show host in the Seattle radio market that teaches spinning and he rips on CrossFit all the time. He says it gives women big bums. And he says CrossFit people can only last 18 minutes out of his 60-minute spin class. LOL.

    I don’t know much about it, but I believe in adding some sort of strength routine into your training, so I don’t see how using CrossFit for that would be bad.

  2. I just read an article last night in Runner’s World about it. We have what is called “Boot Camp” here in our local little town. I have to say that after enduring some sort of injury (nothing that took me out permanently, just temporarily sidelined) for the last 5 training cycles of marathons, I am more convinced than ever that I need, MUST, do some other things. I have to let that magical running number of miles go. I need to strengthen other parts of my body and I need to be willing to try out some new things (like swimming *gasp*) Plus, you all inspire me to hop on the “saddle” as you call it, lock in my goggles/cap and rest my running shoes a smidge. Turning 40 this year, I’d love to give my WHOLE body the attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing the info. I’d say it can’t hurt! Plus, any athlete who is in tune with their body will take what works for them and leave the rest.

  3. I’m just starting a bit of strength training, and I’ve been feeling really good about it. Maybe not full-out weightlifting, but just a few core exercises and some swim band work. I’m not sure if it’s been specifically because of it, but since I started I’ve gained almost all my old form, speed and endurance in the pool back. YMMV. It doesn’t hurt to try the swim bands though, since it’s really only an extra ten minutes after a workout or so.

  4. I’ve added in 2 weight sessions/week on top of the running, spinning and cross training I do and it has made a difference. I guess what I have seen with some of my friends who have done cross fit is that they tend to do the exercises fast and form goes by the way side. I know this isn’t necessarily the norm … just what I have seen.
    In the end…mix it up and be smart.

  5. Whew, I was expecting to read that you’ve given up on sleep to pursue Cross Fit! LOL

    *thanks for your lovely comment today, it actually made me a little weepy because it touched me deeply.

  6. I always know when my strength training is lacking because it takes longer to recover from a workout and I start having lots more aches and pain. Strength workout to me just just about anything body weight workout to barbell to dumbell to kettlebell. I may even go just doing finishers I love Cosgrove’s work I can get a great workout in in 10-12mins, give it a try for a month.

  7. Crossfit Endurance is something totally different than Crossfit and at the moment Ryan is not trained to teach crossfit endurance. It is a subset of crossfit and i believe there are a few other such as crossfit football. Crossfit Endurance has a totally different training approach then we use at the running romm. I am sticking with you Marlene as long as u promise me my 3:40 marathon.

  8. That is a very good article. I read it a while back when Jeff Irvin posted it and it speaks volumes about CFE.

    I do strength training 2x per week and for a total of about 1 hour. I also do core work 3-4x per week depending on the cycle for a total of about 30-40 minutes.

    As endurance athletes we typically don’t need more than that. You need your muscles to be loose and long not tight and short as that is what you would get with CrossFit. We need functional strength and not muscle strength.

    And I will re-iterate that I have no problem with CF or even CFE but don’t preach as if it is the end all be all. It’s not. Marathoners need to run to get faster. Swimmers and cyclists need to do those events to get faster. Triathletes need to do all three.

    By the way how can I subscribe to get notified of comments posted to your posts?

    • Well said! Thanks for your thoughts.

      The speaker we had last night was on the same page – he made it clear that he was not telling us to stop running and do CF 5x per week. He actually said ‘the best way to run faster is to RUN’ so I really respected that.

      Um, not sure about the comment thing. You should get emailed automatically when people respond to YOUR comments.

  9. Crossfit…the newest thing, so it seems! always something new going on in the workout world! I haven’t tried it and don’t plan to…just another thing to do. I’m not against it, but fitting it in…now sure how that would happen. Weights and training for 3-sports is great cross training!

  10. I think there will be a time in my life where I will be interested in a regime like CrossFit – until I got into triathlon I lifted like that, heavy and often and that was most of my exercise. It’s just about balance for me!

  11. Thanks for linking that article I’m going to check it out. I’ve been wondering how to balance crossfit with running — I find that after a crossfit workout I’m soooo sore for days after that it makes running hard. THough i love how strong I feel after doing a crossfit workout, so i want to keep doing them. So I need to find a way to balance running and crossfit.

  12. yes, crossfit seems to stir up controversy and lots of conversations these days…great article, thanks for sharing. i like to add cross training/strength training in the mix often to keep things interesting and keep my muscles in check!! lately, i’ve been frustrating with my strength training routine and am looking for change, so we’ll see what i decide…

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